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Band: In Flames
Album: Soundtrack To Your Escape
Release date: March 2004

Disc I
01. F(r)iend
02. The Quiet Place
03. Dead Alone
04. Touch Of Red
05. Like You Better Dead
06. My Sweet Shadow
07. Evil In A Closet
08. In Search For I
09. Borders And Shading
10. Superhero Of The Computer Rage
11. Dial 595-Escape
12. Bottled
13. Discover Me Like Emptiness [Digipak bonus]

Disc II [Ozzfest special edition bonus DVD]
01. The Quiet Place [video]
02. Touch Of Red [video]
03. Watch Them Feed [Live in wacken open air 2003]
04. Only For The Weak [Live in wacken open air 2003]
+ The Making Of "Soundtrack To Your Escape" [feat. producer Daniel Bergstrand]

After the surprise of "Reroute to Remain", In Flames show that they want to solidify their new musical approach. The intention of creating a modern and refreshing new sound is transmitted perfectly in this album. The alternative influences from Industrial Metal are clearer and the reality of the sound and style is also more perceptible.

In "F(r)iend" the album opens with an annoying electronic voice, but what comes right after is a great explosion of Melodic Death Metal, in a song that could well have been in other previous albums. The first single, "The Quiet Place" is possibly the track that better reflects the alternative influences on this album. The songs develops in a paranoiac style like in lots of Industrial songs, and its well worked melodically. "Dead Alone" has a melancholic chorus and its full of electronic details. "Touch of Red" follows the logic of "F(r)iend", but with a more melodic and pleasant chorus and also a little solo. With great riffs, some samples and a catchy chorus, "Like You Better Dead" is one of my favorite tracks. "My Sweet Shadow" and "Evil in a Closet" are the calmest, more melodic and electronic influenced tracks, following in some ways the logic of "Metaphor" and "Dawn of A New Day" from "Reroute to Remain", but without getting as boring as those songs. "In Search for I" gets back to the frenetic and faster style and is good technically, having a short solo. The distant voice of Fridén in the beginning of "Borders and Shading" precede a great chorus and another solo. "Superhero of the Computer Rage" is again good Melodic Death Metal, with enraged riffs and vocals. "Dial 595-Escape" has some Industrial style riffs and is one of the catchiest songs in the album and has the best solo, even if still short. Anyway the solos stopped being the most important. "Bottled" is a good final track, being very melodic.

After hearing "Soundtrack to Your Escape" we are sure that we are before something original, complex (even if not with the high technical level as before, its diferent) and fascinatingly alternative and extreme at the same time. More consistent then "Reroute To Remain", it is the perfect answer after an album with poor moments, that looks now more like a first essay for what was coming. Do not lament the good moments of the past or compare it to the present even if you liked it more, open your minds to the future and accept a well conducted progress with this new In Flames.

Written by Passenger | 16.03.2004


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If you just see my rating and believe that I am some kind of strange trend follower or metal kid I would like to tell you that my relation to and opinion of this album is completely healthy. As it should be, by no means objective - my opinion is totally based upon when I first heard it at the age of 13. As such a young and untainted kid, I more or less only listened to NWOBHM bands, but I also liked to listen to a Swedish radio show that played rock and metal music. One evening they happened to have an In Flames special with interviews, and most of Soundtrack To Your Escape - their latest release - was played. I was completely stunned - I had never before liked any music with growl/shrieks but this was amazing! I could not believe that you could blend melody with extreme elements in such an awesome way. The day after I went to a store and used my savings to buy it, and I listened to it way too much.

published 23.10.2008 | Comments (14)


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29.07.2006 - 16:31
Rosetta Stoned
I agree with your rating, good review and good comment on the end. This was the album that got me into metal with "growls" (not normal vocals), a really good one (and extremely nostalgic). Best songs: Superhero of the Computer Rage, Borders and Shading, The Quiet Place, Evil Closet and Dead Alone.
30.07.2006 - 02:53
I think this was their "Risk" or "St. Anger."
14.12.2006 - 17:47
Shadow Of A Man
Account deleted
This album was alright... nothing in comparison to any of their other realeses but still great... I would give it more of a 7 though
09.01.2007 - 17:07
The best album they've released. I just love it.
08.03.2007 - 11:06
Danny Thomas
Written by Dangerboner on 30.07.2006 at 02:53

I think this was their "Risk" or "St. Anger."

well i sorta thought that at first, but i actually do like this album. i personally would reserve your comments for come clarity, which imo was uninspired , and whos lyrics resembled something from an emo album.
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08.03.2007 - 11:49
I personally do not like too much of this album, but it is not their best, as matthioso said, defenetely.
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05.07.2007 - 22:11
Repetitive, few good songs, uninteresting... Man what happened to In Flames?
Very disapoointing!
Thumbs down to this one...
01.01.2008 - 02:38
09. Borders And Shading - lol so they're taking inspiration from MS Word now?
22.04.2008 - 04:03
Liver Failure
this album is kinda cool... faster, i dont care about the eletronic effects, it has a soul now, different from their earliest work, but still original and with good quality... just miss the killer solos but anyway, its the path they choose, and i still enjoy their sound.

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10.07.2008 - 19:59
Account deleted
This is my favourite album, great sound and great songs!!!
16.08.2008 - 15:54
Red Nightmare
of their new works (or nu works) I enjoy this the's not a 8.5 though but a 7 at max.
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17.05.2009 - 11:19
Agree with elio here. the best of their last works... for me it gets about 8...
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15.09.2009 - 13:06
Death Pickle
I prefer older In Flames, but i respect the bands direction in contantly changing and evolving their style. If they had still kept their older style today, i would have lost interest in the band. Good review.
14.06.2011 - 17:49
Best Album Theve created. but We Butter the Bread With Butter Is A better band
WhiteChapel and The Black Dahlia Murder

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