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Band: Myrath
Album: Hope
Release date: 2007

01. Intro
02. Confession
03. Hope
04. Last Breath
05. Seven Sins
06. Fade Away
07. All My Fears
08. My Inner War

In Arabian, Myrath means legacy but I can tell you that until today, it will also means "oriental killers of progressive metal". Myrath comes from Tunisia and they will probably be the first band from Maghreb which will have a famous international career. Leaded by Malek BenArbia a young talented guitarist who has finished his formation at the famous "MAI School" of Nancy (France), the band is for me the surprise of the year 2007. Between Symphony X, Adagio and Dream Theater, their first real official album "Hope" is an amazing release of Progressive Metal. If you pretend to like such kind of music, then you'll not have the right to miss this album.

At the first listening, you'll probably understand that Myrath is influenced by Symphony X. That's right, the members of the band are all fans of the American combo but even if we have a lot of influences which comes from the music of the Americans, I can tell you that it's a bit different and not like a simple copycat. If you want to understand how can sound Myrath, I should say that it's aggressive Progressive Metal with really heavy riffs (a bit like SX yes!) but with a radical difference with the music of Symphony X. Here the "symphonic and classical music" influences, are replaced by oriental sounds. This is really great because it gives a lot of charm to the music of Myrath, and a bit of originality too. But that's not all, like all the good Progressive releases, we have height really long and complex songs on this album with a multitudes of breaks, piano or guitars soli in addition of the amazing voice of Elyes Bouchoucha.

The performances of the musicians are extremely good. All the guys, are amazing musicians and doesn't suffer of any comparison with the famous musicians of the genre. Also, Elyes Bouchoucha is an exceptional singer with an original voice which fits perfectly to the music of Myrath. As I know, Zaher Zorgati (known as one of the best singers of the Tunisian Metal scene) will rejoin the band for their next album. I don't know if it's a good idea because really Elyes is just amazing but I don't know the voice of Zaher so if he is better than Elyes, the best will come then! Produce by Kevin Codfert (who also performs some keyboards soli on the album) of Adagio the sound of the album is perfect and even the artworks fits perfectly to the spirit of the release. It's a must for all the ones who like Progressive Metal with "balls"!

Intelligent, well written and with a ton of great riffs and melodies, "Hope" is a damn impressive beginning. I'm sure that the band will quickly become famous and will be signed by a major as soon as possible because definitely this album is one of the best releases of Progressive Metal that I had the chance to listen to lately. Now, all the Metalheads from the north of Africa will be able to show to the world that they know what great Metal is. Thumb up to Myrath for this exceptional release… this band will become really big and famous you'll see, I will not be wrong!

Rating breakdown
Performance: 10
Songwriting: 8
Originality: 8
Production: 9

Written by Jeff | 09.11.2007



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09.11.2007 - 15:02
White Winter Sun
Laboratory's Rat
I didn't know this band before reading this review.

Very good review and very interesting description. You gave me envy to have a listening to this album with only one sentence "a bit like SX but with a radical difference with the music of Symphony X. Here the "symphonic and classical music" influences, are replaced by oriental sounds."

That seems really very very interesting and atypical .

And just a little question to finish my post. Jeff, are you going to review all Brennus catalog during the coming days? (My question is just a joke, I ask this because some of your last reviews which are related to bands on this label ).
09.11.2007 - 17:00
I seem to be finding out a lot of great new progressive metal bands thanks to you Jeff. So thank you. Here's another one to explore.
Written by BloodTears on 19.08.2011 at 18:29

Like you could kiss my ass.
09.11.2007 - 19:25
Hell yeah!! I got my "Hope" already!!
Good description! it's really interesting, I've recently asked about the addition of the band at the metalstorm repertoire...
A great band with a great perspective... there are other Tunisian groups that deserves chances like that.. but myrath really are leading now!!
09.11.2007 - 20:37
Ah. An african band
I was waiting for some heavy oriental and clichéed sound but it's not the case. The overall album is EXTREMELY Symphony X influenced (heard them in approximatively everything) which I can't say is bad since I love SX, but well you got the idea . So anyway please dudes, don't die or end up forgotten like most bands from our part of the world and most of all, good luck for the future.
20.04.2008 - 15:16
Dark Shark
Frankly If I have not a person who had a direct relation with the band, I cannot have the album
28.04.2008 - 01:41
Wow, I'm surprised I like these guys. Dark Shark (^^^) showed them to me and I'm really impressed. To me, they sound like a more ballsy version of Dream Theater.
21.05.2008 - 01:37
Dark Shark
Written by Dangerboner on 28.04.2008 at 01:41

Wow, I'm surprised I like these guys. Dark Shark (^^^) showed them to me and I'm really impressed. To me, they sound like a more ballsy version of Dream Theater.

Not at all man, it's a pleasure to show tunisien bands and their jobs in all the world....
25.09.2008 - 15:22
Account deleted
Hi' I listened to this band ....they made a real great album of progressive metal....i can't lie about that i listen to there album every day really....and i hope to see there 2nd album....good luck 4 the band....
25.09.2008 - 15:24
Account deleted
my rating is 1010 n i'm drummer too.......... my greeting 4 drummer
05.01.2010 - 16:18
Blood HaZaRd
So gorgeous band. For the first time, I wonder a Tunisian band. The Rulzzz and rock well. I used to write some lyrics and frankly Myrath are just Gorgeous !! Nice orental mix The discovery of this month
14.10.2010 - 12:15
I heard the dessert call album first, and it is awesome, so I am going to get this one .
18.02.2011 - 01:23
Pretty good album, was hearing Symphony X and DT all over it though, not such a bad thing as the album is good.
Evil? I am not Malevolent, I simply am!
Apocalypse, X-Men
01.04.2011 - 00:27
This is now available in quite a few places, though you'll likely have to pay near list price for it. (My copy cost $ It's worthwhile, though: All My Fears kicks enough gluteus maximus to have caused the Tunisian revolution - and win. I just love bands that know how to crank out a brutally heavy, swingy groove.

Symphony X fans need to get this - but I am not a Symphony X fan at all and still think this causes prog palpitations.
22.09.2011 - 13:28
Raziel X
Awesome album

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