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Heavenly - Dust To Dust review


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Band: Heavenly
Album: Dust To Dust
Release date: January 2004

01. Ashes To Ashes...
02. Evil
03. Lust For Life
04. Victory (Creatures Of The Night)
05. Illusion part I
06. Illusion part II (The Call Of The Wild)
07. The Ritual
08. Keepers Of The Earth
09. Miracle
10. Fight For Deliverance
11. Hands Of Darkness
12. Kingdom Come
13. ... Dust To Dust

I have always had high thoughts about Heavenly, even if I never heard a whole album, it might be because of those songs I heard, that they held a really high quality, or maybe because of the fact that they had a song with Kai Hansen on vocals (in a duet with Benjamin Sotto).
Anyway, enough of that now.

Heavenly here releases their third album since the debut in 2000 ("Coming From the Sky")
And after the successor ("Sign of the Winner") in 2001 it have be quiet from the Heavenly camp, until now, in January 2004 when the third instalment reached they stores.
"Dust to Dust" is it named and this time, Vampires will be the ear candy.

When I first listen to this new album, I had quite high expectations, and as we all know, that's not good when you're about to listen to an album, you to often will be disappointed.
And yes, I was disappointed to, very disappointed to be honest and I putted the record aside for a quite long while.
But a month (maybe longer) later I once again putted it back into my stereo and hope it would sound better, and DAMN, I was really surprised.
How could I don't like this? It's still a mystery for me (it might be because I didn't have any expectations this time, I don't know).

I'm very sure now, that Heavenly have taken the throne as the best band from France (France have a lot of good bands, so it's a very fine title Heavenly got there), and they have for sure taken some places in the top list of the whole world, this release is a Masterpiece, don't doubt that.
This is an album for the top-10 of 2004 for sure, it might be the no.1, it's so freaky good.

It's so impossible to pick a specific song and write about it, because if you choose one, you will directly want to choose another one, but if you choose that one, you want another, it's such a good record.
But I'll try to take some of the best songs, but all of them are good, I mean ALL.

Illusion Part II, a quite fast and almost Gamma Rayis song, but with the vampire and Heavenly touch, and the "Riding, Riding for tomorrow" part is so damn catchy.
And the chorus part is one of the best I ever heard, Sotto have really show me that he is one of the best singers we have here on our planet.

Miracle is another song, masterful song by Heavenly.
It's originally a remake of an song that appeared on their Demo "Coming From the Sky Demo" from 1998, and I'm impressed that they could do a song like this back then, unbelievable.
The chorus part, once again, is the top of the song, the song fades a bit and Sotto brings forward his emotional way of singing, brilliant.

But as I said, it's impossible to give those two songs credits without give all the other songs the same credit.
And the production is crystal clear, it's hard to find an album these days that have bad production, but it's hard to find one, that have better production than this.
And guess who it is that have produce it?
Sasha Path of course.

But unfortunately I know that this album will not get the attention it deserves, it's a shame, it really is.
Do yourself a favour, and get this, you won't regret it.
With this wonderful songs, and powerful drums, incredible guitars (yes, Frédéric Leclercq can really play, I promise), unbelievable vocals, you will love it.

Favourite Songs: Can't help you here, I have to say All, because something else to say, don't exist.

Written by Malcolm | 02.03.2004



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21.09.2006 - 10:41
Jason W.
Great listen, though I think the band is in need of it's own personal touch still... I sense the band is well versed in the speed/power metal bands of the last 5 years, and can reproduced anything out there. They just need to go one more step in my opinion... I seriously don't think this disc is worthy of such a high rating, though. It's not unique in the least.
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13.11.2006 - 05:27
In my humble opinion, most songs on Dust to Dust are very catchy and powerful, but I think Heavenly tends to lack some kind of personal touch. It's mere speed/power metal which sometimes reminds A LOT of Gamma Ray, Edguy, Stratovarius and the likes, I actually couldn't find a hint of originality.

But please don't misunderstand this comment, it's still a good album -- Plus the packaging is much classier than that of Sign of the Winner !
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20.01.2007 - 21:47
Devil Child
Account deleted
Great album from the beginning until the end it's a great follow-up to their last album "Sign Of The Winner" which was really good too. Heavenly becomes better after each release.
30.06.2007 - 16:56
Baz Anderson
yes!! I checked this out after seeing them at Hellfest and I LOVE this album!!
really really great power metal.. I can't wait to hear more!!
26.08.2007 - 00:20
Great album...even the ballad...nothing more to favourite...
Metal Is Made For All Men, But Not Every Man Is Made For Metal
29.03.2008 - 23:05
The Sasquatch
this album is a clear example of what power metal supposed to be
24.05.2008 - 11:55
Seeker of Truth
Great power metal work. This album got me into power metal and inspired to discover more of metal genres. A masterpiece without a doubt!
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But may be tomorrow

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20.04.2009 - 14:39
Account deleted
This album is great
21.10.2009 - 06:48
Amazing album, still can not stop listening to it. I can not wait for Carpe Diem. It is going to be phenomenal. Heavenly is one of the best Power Metal bands out there right now.

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