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Band: Neuraxis
Album: Live Progression
Release date: November 2007

01. The Apex
02. Fractionized
03. A Curative Struggle
04. The Art Of Sadness
05. Thought Adjuster
06. Monitoring The Mind
07. Neurasthenic
08. Reasons Of Being
09. Clarity
10. Shatter The Wisdom
11. ...Of Divinity

Say what you want, as far as I am concerned Quebec is the stronghold of technical Death Metal. By now, everybody should know about acts like Kataklysm and Quo Vadis. Another killer combo named Neuraxis has been mesmerizing local folks with brutal technical Death Metal for years. Recently, they toured Europe and Japan as well. Now, they got to release a live album in Quebec City; and what a live performance!

First of, what strikes me the most is that it sounds like they invited the crowd into their studio. What a perfect production, it's crystal clear without sacrificing the live sound. This Live Progression is another killer work by Jean-Francois Dagenais.

As with every technical Death band, Neuraxis impressive sound relies on all the musicians. From the aggression and the deep tone of Alex Leblanc [vocals, also in bands Point Blank Rage and Atheretic] to the blasting performance of Tommy McKinnon [drums], every member of the band is mastering his own domain. I don't know what to say about the guitar work of the duo Rob Milley / William Seghers [formerly of Quo Vadis]. It is as perfect as it can be, and may I remind you that this is indeed a live performance. Last but not least, Yan Thiel [bass guitar] is enhancing the rhythm section with sometimes-groovy sometimes-brutal bass lines.

As the tracks are unfolding, Neuraxis is easily winning the crowd to their cause. It must have been one hell of gig. I wonder if Galy Records has plans for recording a live DVD of those guys. The set is varied and ranges from 1997's Imagery to 2005's Trilateral Progression. In that regard, Live Progression can be regarded as a compilation of the band's best material, with killer songs such as 'The Art of Sadness', 'Shatter the Wisdom' or 'Thought Adjuster'.

The interaction with the crowd is there to spice up things [in Quebecois French of course]. And with a running time of 47 minutes, there are plenty of complex structures to enjoy.

Live Progression seems to be the perfect album to discover Neuraxis' discography. With such a great sound, a great set-list and overall an impressive show, this live album is a must listen for fans of the aforementioned bands, as well as for everybody interested in technical Death Metal worldwide.

Highlights: 'The Art of Sadness', 'Thought Adjuster', 'Shatter the Wisdom' and 'Of Divinity'

Rating breakdown
Performance: 9
Songwriting: 9
Originality: 7
Production: 10


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02.12.2007 - 15:35
Good to see those final three songs on there. I probably won't ever buy it but I certainly won't rule it out. Nice review.
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