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Band: My Dying Bride
Album: Songs Of Darkness, Words Of Light
Release date: 2004

01. The Wreckage Of My Flesh
02. The Scarlet Garden
03. Catherine Blake
04. My Wine In Silence
05. The Prize Of Beauty
06. The Blue Lotus
07. And My Fury Stands Ready
08. A Doomed Lover

The dusk is coming, today was a bad day of January, lot of rain, clouds, and now fog… A really bad day…
I'm not sure that the only reason of that sudden, depressive aspect of myself come from the weather, maybe the reason come from my stereo too... Since some days, I'm listening a new cd that could be the source of my dark days… In February, "My Dying Bride" the master of Doom Metal, one of the most depressive English band, is coming with their new production "Songs Of Darkness, Words Of Light". After 3 years and their last album "The Dreadful Hours", a lot of people are waiting this new album. Is it good? Does it have some changes in relation with their older albums? Well, we will see with that review if this new one could be compared to the several masterpieces of the band…

The answer to your numerous questions will come quickly. No, there is no problem with that new "My Dying Bride". In 8 tracks, Aaron and his band knew how to make a new album with some originality but without forgetting the spirit of MDB. Another time all the tracks are a lot of dark and beautiful stories… Death, loneliness, love, like each time the quality of writing of Aaron can not be criticise, the lyrics of "Songs Of Darkness, Words Of Light" are beautiful, touching, and only people without spiritual emotions could be disinterested by it. This is a habit with MDB, and this new album follow the rule… This is a great collection of writing…

The music is also very good, but there is something new with this album. We don't have a lot of Death voices. Yes there is some growling but in general, the voices on this album are clean, well more than on their old albums. Don't be afraid by that, this is damn good, and very good for Doom Metal. This is a really good part of "Songs Of Darkness, Words Of Light" and by the way the Death parts are also sometime presents.

Musically, this new "My Dying Bride" is very slow and very melodic too, with a sound that this time is very pure. Maybe some ones will complain about this slow tempo… But dudes we are talking about an album of "Doom Metal", not a new one of that Power bands that we see everyday… No, seriously, this album is very good and the fact that it is very slow is not a problem, at the opposite we can really feel the feelings that the bands want to give through this album. This is just magnificent…

All the 8 tracks of "Songs Of Darkness, Words Of Light" are great, well done and with excellent "grimy" and sad stories. Really this album is a very good one. For the MDB's lovers, I can say that we are near a lot of time of "The Angel And The Dark River" and I'm sure that you will appreciate this news…
For the production, nothing to say. The sound is excellent for each tracks, it's a real pleasure to listen to it and you can believe me, this is not the same work for the production as their last "Live Album"…

Well, I think that you have your answers now, "Songs Of Darkness, Words Of Light" is a great album, certainly one of the best of this new year. If you like "My Dying Bride" and Doom metal or if you are only a fan of beautiful music, you must buy it. I can just recommend "Songs Of Darkness, Words Of Light" to all the fans of great music. You'll see, you couldn't be disappointed by this new production.
Now I will return near my window to look at the winter outdoor, put again my stereo on play and wait with only "Songs Of Darkness, Words Of Light" for company…
Hooo I can't forget one thing, two words to sum up "Songs Of Darkness, Words Of Light": a real "Chef d'Oeuvre".

Written by Jeff | 27.02.2004


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After the utter success of The Dreadful Hours, often considered as their best album, it was not easy to release something at least as good. Great expectations surrounded Songs Of Darkness, Words Of Light, expectations boosted by the delay due to artwork issues . Believe me, these expectations are not disappointed. Let's not keep the suspense, the last My Dying Bride is at least as good as The Dreadful Hours, and probably even better.

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28.09.2009 - 09:35
Heaven Knight
Though My Dying Bride is not exactly my genre, i found some moments in this...good album
So behold the flight of the sapphire dragon
soaring through the skies once again


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