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Band: Axxis
Album: Doom Of Destiny
Release date: November 2007

01. Voices Of Destiny
02. Doom Of Destiny (Arabia)
03. Better Fate
04. Bloodangel
05. I Hear You Cry
06. The Fire Still Burns
07. Father Father
08. Revolutions
09. She Got Nine Lifes
10. Devilish Belle
11. Astoria
12. Engel Aus Hass [bonus]

Axxis is a strange band… even if this combo from Germany clearly plays a really generic and conventional German Power Metal, I don't know how they do it but all their albums have a real personality and are original in the end… "Doom Of Destiny" is not different than their previous releases, it's Power Metal but good one with a ton of good additions and ideas and above all, great catchy (commercial also that's right) guitars riffs… It's a must for the fans of Power Metal…

Axxis is a fucking great band live… The guys are really charismatic and in reason of their hyper catchy choruses, you cannot be disappointed by these German masters of Power Metal. "Doom Of Destiny" is already their 10th album and it will not be disappointing in any way for the fans of the combo too. That's simple, Bernhard and his mates have written one more time some great songs with some choruses which will enter in your head and stay there forever. So ok, on a side it's really well done and even the ballads are catchy but let's be honest too, we're at the top of the clichés among the clichés! I know that it's probably weird for the ones who don't know them yet and will discover them through this review to read that it's good but even if it's so cliché but that's Axxis… As you can understand we have great songs here and just listen to the Metal anthem "I Hear You Cry" or the nice "Doom Of Destiny" and you'll probably have the same feeling than me which is "damn, that's so commercial and easy but shit, that's good anyway!".

The guys of Axxis are good musicians, they know how to write good Power Metal songs and one more time the balance between Bernhard Weiss and Lakonia (a young German female singer) is perfect. Not so symphonic and a bit more heavy and direct" than "Paradise In Flames", "Doom Of Destiny" is a good album to finish the year 2007. With its perfect production and all these FM choruses I think that you'll fall in love with this release but be warned one more time, you must remember that the melodies of this album sound "German" more than ever (even if I think that the music of Axxis is a lot deeper than 99% of the other German Power Metal bands, except Helloween and Gamma Ray of course…).

I really think that Axxis is a real love or hate band… Some people will find that this release is kitsch as hell when some others (the fans of European Power Metal) will love it and say that this band is fantastic. When I think about it and listen to "Doom Of Destiny" one more time I come to the conclusion that this release is a good album of Power Metal (really) but I can understand all the people who cannot stand this band and their albums because it's definitely too cliché… To sum up, don't miss this album if you like Power Metal from Germany; but if you cannot stand this music, "Doom Of Destiny" will not be a way to cure yourself of your "EuroFlowerPower" phobia…

Rating breakdown
Performance: 8
Songwriting: 8
Originality: 7
Production: 8

Written by Jeff | 19.12.2007



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19.12.2007 - 15:08
Baz Anderson
Axxis are a great band indeed; I only decided to finally get into them because of the upcoming show with Gamma Ray and Helloween - but I am glad I did get into these
this is a great album, as was their last album and I expect them to put on a really great show on my birthday!

real good quality power metal with the little twist of having quite a lot of female vocals in there as well
19.12.2007 - 21:27
Rosetta Stoned
(even if I think that the music of Axxis is a lot deeper than 99% of the other German Power Metal bands, except Helloween and Gamma Ray of course…).

What about Blind Guardian? ;P

Good review otherwise, although I don't liked them live. And well, maybe I didn't listen good enough to the CD but I was totally suprised when I realized that they had a female singer. She sure doesn't provide much too the CD. Nevermind - I neither love nor hate this album/band, they're okay but why listen to something that's okay when you can listen to Helloween?
20.12.2007 - 02:07
i love this album... and great review indeed, there are some commercial riffs and vocal lines but almost all of the riffs are catchy. i hope i can see them live one day
27.12.2007 - 12:54
White Winter Sun
Laboratory's Rat
Nice review.

I've this album and I must say that it really impressed me (more for good compositions, production and powerfull side than for its originality, but "Doom Of Destiny" is a really good album).
29.12.2007 - 21:55
THIS ALBUM KILLS !!! With its superb melodies, speed, power and double vocalists attack. Listen to "Astoria" or "Father Father"... What do you want more from melodic metal ?
For me one of five best releases AD2007 ! (The others are Machine Head, Helloween, Arch Enemy and Ensiferum).
13.01.2009 - 14:09
Great review, agree with everything, even if i would have give a higer note.

It's a very nice melodic power metal album. Lot's of catchy refrains, great voices, well produced, well balanced.

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