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Band: Hypocrisy
Album: The Arrival
Release date: February 2004

01. Born Dead Buried Alive
02. Eraser
03. Stillborn
04. Slave To The Parasites
05. New World
06. The Abyss
07. Dead Sky Dawning
08. The Departure
09. War Within

[Bonus DVD: Live Show At Summer Breeze Festival 2002]
01. The Gathering / Roswell '47
02. Pleasure Of Molestation
03. Osculum Obscenum
04. Apocalypse
05. The Fourth Dimension
06. Fire In The Sky
07. Don't Judge Me
08. A Public Puppet
09. Buried
10. Left To Rot
11. Destroyed
12. The Final Chapter
13. Fractured Millenium

16th February 2004 09:12 GMT
NASA Headquarters, Department of Extra Terrestrial Research

- Sir, we got something here!!
- Let me see... What is it?
- Only sound sir, it resembles something my brother calls death metal sir.
- Death metal? A declaration of war?
- I don't think so sir. Here, let me show you....
- Hey, it's violent, and the guy screams a lot... The music is very catchy though. My head longs to violently go back and forth...
- I felt it too sir. At some moments the choruses seem to stick in one's brain; on these pieces: 'Eraser', 'A New World', 'War Within'. There is even one song with clean vocals... Do you think it could be a joke by some depraved youth sir?
- Well, I think music with such a perfect production and songwriting cannot be human... It is inevitably of alien origin. See, these powerful riffs, these sharp arrangements, this feeling that you'll never be able to live without it anymore? Alien, boy, alien...It's heavenly. Have we found any precedents?
- Yes sir, quite a lot since 1992. 12 actually... Although the last one, codename Catch 22 was very different from the rest, more modern, less violent but interesting anyway. This one sounds a bit like... hum let me check... oh yes, codename Abducted, received in 1996. I made some research, and apparently, since we had not really noticed their last message, they have tried to send us something different but at the same time similar to one of their old communications. And it works! What do you think they want sir?
- It seems pretty obvious to me: codename The Arrival... They want to land on our good ol'planet Earth...
- But what if their intentions are evil sir?
- Evil? No, not evil. And even if they plan to invade our planet, don't you think our society would be much better with music of this quality? Catchy, groovy, thrashy music? People cannot headbang and make war at the same time... They bring us peace my friend...
- So what shall we do now sir?
- Well, I think I'm going to take a chance: I won't refer to my superiors. Instead, I'll show this to the world. Such perfection has to be shared with everybody. This message is flawless. I think it is now time to let the people know about ET intelligence. Are you with me?
- Without hesitation sir. It is still growing on me... Only good can come from a civilization that is able to create so magnificent a masterpiece. I shall never forget this holy day.

Highlights: Erased, A New World, Stillborn

Written by Deadsoulman | 02.02.2004



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18.08.2006 - 17:50
great review! I really loved the way f explaining! That's why ı got the album without hesitation! Hypocrisy should thank you
28.08.2006 - 12:22
Electric Witch
Great album deserving an awesome review
I wish I had a mental survival kit...
20.01.2007 - 17:42
Cool review! The album, i'll have to check it out
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21.01.2007 - 17:20
Awesome album, its what got me started with Hypocrisy.
12.02.2007 - 22:21
Angel of Lust
I started to love Hypocrisy with this album, so it's very important for me...
And the review is fantastic!

"The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear,
and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown."
Howard Phillips Lovecraft
12.02.2007 - 22:41
Mr. Noise
Nice review, the album is overrated though, IMHO.
SLUDGE. DOOM. DEATH. Wait, what?

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13.02.2007 - 00:24
Among my favourite ones.I guess eraser is one of the best death metal songs ever done.And the cover art is just as peter wanted.
Dark is the sunlight,we cast the life together
Dark is the sunlight or I'm blind forever..
13.02.2007 - 03:51
Xtreme Jax
Great way of writting a review. I was a good album, and very catchy.

Hellcunt Smurf
05.04.2008 - 03:50
Liver Failure
one of the coolest reviews i've ever read. congratulations
about the album.. this is absolutly the best one from Hypocrisy, along with ''Virus'' and ''The Final Chapter''.
Best songs: ''Dead Sky Dawning'' and ''Slave to the parasites''.

member of the true crusade against old school heavy metal, early 80s thrash, NWOBHM, traditional doom, first and second wave black metal, old school death metal, US power metal, 70s prog rock and atmospheric doomsludgestoner. o/
17.06.2008 - 16:43
The review is as great as the album itself...
29.06.2009 - 07:55
Hahaha I love this review! just the review itself makes me want to buy the album XD
18.08.2009 - 18:16
Metal slave
Refreshing review, man....im gunna check this out
18.02.2012 - 13:55
Great review! it is awesomely different than the rest! i'll check out this album...
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