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Deivos - Emanation From Below review


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Band: Deivos
Album: Emanation From Below
Release date: 2008

01. Blackness Incarnate
02. No Father Of Mine
03. Realm Of Desecration
04. War March
05. Divine Defilement
06. Battle For Dominance
07. Hatebound

"Emanation From Below" was released in 2006 but Metal Mind will re-release this album this year. Deivos is a young Death Metal band from Poland and at least they play real Death Metal and not something melodic or "core" if you see what I mean. The fans of Decapitated and Immolation should have a look on this release, this is maybe a first album and it's probably not perfect but that's well done and promising for the future of the band. We will keep an eye on Deivos, they're a band with a lot of potential.

"Emanation From Below" is an album of classic Death Metal. Don't except any commercial riffs here because the music of this band from Poland is violent as hell and aggressive. It doesn't mean that it's only noise too, like with Immolation or Decapitated, Deivos plays a technical Death (that's not Necrophagist too) with some really good guitar soli and some really strong bass lines. It's fast and brutal but we're not in front of Grindcore or Brutal Death band, that's just classic Death Metal and for a first release we have a lot of good songs. What I really like in "Emanation From Below" is that the songs aren't never linear, we have a lot of different passages and breaks. So ok, the drummer is a real machine and the tempo of the music of Deivos is equal to the shouts of a MG42 but the if you like complex but aggressive Death I think that you'll like some songs like the really long and complex "Realm Of Desecration".

The production is descent even if sometime the sound of the drum is a bit noisy. The voice of the singer can be a bit too loud and boring in the end, some samples are just useless and maybe that the whole album is a bit short but all in all for a first CD, that's ok. Of course "Emanation From Below" is not original, this is a classic album of Death Metal but after all that's promising so if you're looking for good Death, have a look on "Emanation From Below".

Deivos is a young band and they still need to improve a bit their music but they already know how to play good Death. Without being original, "Emanation From Below" is at least a good release and I recommend it to all the people who use to listen to real Death. Don't expect something new here but be sure that you'll listen to a descent album of Death Metal.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 8
Songwriting: 7
Originality: 7
Production: 8

Written by Jeff | 10.02.2008


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