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E-Force - Modified Poison review


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Band: E-Force
Album: Modified Poison
Release date: 2008

01. Deviation
02. Modified Poison
03. Lobotomized
04. Agent 99
05. Malpractice
06. Revolution Riot Act
07. La Vie Cest Precieux
08. Disillutioned
09. Exterminator
10. Perfexionist
11. Wired

Even if I think that we're living a real Thrash Metal revival, it's not so easy to find a lot of good Thrash Metal albums nowadays. Though we have the luck in France to have one Canadian dude who perfectly knows what Thrash Metal is. His name is Eric Forest and you probably already know him for his work with E-Force, Project Falling Flesh and of course, Voivod. "Modified Poison" is the second album of E-Force and if "Evil Force" (their first release) was a great album, I can tell you now that "Modified Poison" will prove that it's still possible to do original Thrash with a lovely old school spirit. You're just in front of one of the best Thrash Metal album of the year 2008!

The good thing with E-Force is that this band plays classic Thrash Metal but Eric Forest has a lot of musical different influences and in the end his music is original. So yes on a side the fast tempos and the really aggressive riffs are classic when it comes to talk about Thrash but here the guitars soli are extremely impressive, the Black/Death Metal voice of Eric is not common in Thrash Metal and the general ambiance of the album is so dark that it's really disturbing. All in all "Modified Poison" is a really original album with hits like "Deviation" and its excellent melody or "Malpractice" with its terrific guitar solo (and I should add "Modified Poison", "Lobotomized" or "Agent 99" to that list… ho wait all the songs of the release actually!). I really like the dark general ambiance of the album, there is something nasty in the music of E-Force which is really good and since that Eric Forest's lyrics are all really engaged and enraged, I'm sure that all the people who use to listen to Thrash will like this release. Plus the nice Heavy Metal spirit (especially with the guitars soli, melodies and arpeggios which will remind you the best Megadeth's albums) that you can find on the album and which is in total opposition of its aggressive ambiance is a good thing. In my opinion, people who like melodic music can like this release too despite the fact that it's violent.

So do we have a lot of problems on this album? As I know no, the production is correct, the performances of the guys (Cyril Bernhardt is a great guitar player!) are really good and Eric Forest is an original singer (even if I can concede that some of you will maybe not like his really dark and aggressive voice). The artwork perfectly fits to the music of the combo, and we even have guest appearances of Alex of Loudblast and Aggressor and Tim Guttierez of Project Falling Flesh. No really "Modified Poison" is this kind of album which give you the feeling that you're right to love Thrash Metal and that it is just great music.

Of course this year Thrash Metal fans will talk about the new Testament or Metallica, good for them but it will be a big mistake to forget bands like E-Force. They maybe don't have the same notoriety but E-Force plays real good original Thrash and "Modified Poison" is a killing album. I have the chance to personally know Eric Forest and I can tell you that this guy is a true passionate musician. His music comes from the heart, his Thrash is not a masquerade, nothing is false here, this is just pure Thrash Metal spirit. "Modified Poison" is a great album full of hits, so if you pretend to be a thrasher don't miss this release. Thrash Metal is not dead!

Rating breakdown
Performance: 9
Songwriting: 9
Originality: 7
Production: 8

Written by Jeff | 26.02.2008



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26.02.2008 - 14:41
Freaky Admin
If you don't believe me,

Just listen to the songs here (start with Deviation if you can):

An interview will come soon!
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27.02.2008 - 03:17
hi-fi / lo-life
Although I absolutely love Voivod with Snake, I always enjoyed their albums with Forrest - they were original and unique. For this reason, Im really looking forward to hearing this album (and to Forrest's involvement with the final Voivod release being recorded around this time). Ill let you know what I think after I hear it.
01.02.2009 - 09:26
Seeker of Truth
Man, how come I found out about this after the Awards had started..? Definitely checking out before voting.
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16.08.2009 - 14:46
Ag Fox
Angel No More
Only three ppl voted... It deserves more attention imo. Thanks for reviewing this (=
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