Bang Your Head: The Rise And Fall Of Heavy Metal

Wow, when did heavy metal fall? Why was I not informed of this until now? Ok, at least they apologize for this grand falsehood inside the book, but let me just say pretty much everything else on the outside cover is a load of false advertisement.

Let us begin shall we? Before buying a book I will generally read the synopsis on the back, the line that stood out to me was "An epic history of every band and every performer that has proudly worn the heavy metal badge". Man, do I ever feel scammed, the line should have read "A dry compilation of media tabloid headlines of every performer to be part of KISS, Metallica, Led Zeppelin, or Black Sabbath", that would probably describe this childish piece of literature much more effectively. Judging by the line above you can probably guess what the book is like, its pretty much a summary of the media rumors that one can see on MTV every week, the disappointing part being that half the tabloid stories that make up this book aren't even all that entertaining. The painfully long section on KISS seemed to take up at least 2/5 of the book was possibly the most dry series of words I ever had the shame of laying my eyes on.

Maybe I'm being a little harsh; this book could be informative if you never knew that Ozzy once bit the head off a bat, or that Alice Cooper threw a live chicken into an audience, beginners stuff. Almost every tale in this book is as over-told as the ones previously listed. Not being a big literature fan in the first place I thought I'd be doing myself a favor and expanding my knowledge in a field that interests me, all I learned was what a boring band KISS actually was. I felt generally insulted by this book, as a metal-head, giving money to another supposed metal-head, to give him further knowledge on something, only to find out I probably knew more than this author. The closest thing we see to a reference of extreme metal is a sentence or two on Venom, then back to more info on Aerosmith. The only thing that saves this book from earning itself a solid 2/10 is the off chance that they are referring to the specific subgenre of metal known as heavy metal, but it seems very unlikely.

Disclaimer: If you have been into metal for longer than a month, and you passed grade 5 English class, you could write a better book.


written by Doc Godin | 26.03.2008

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Cuca Beludo - 13.01.2012 at 18:11  
This book deserves an 2/10 only for the title...

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