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Band: Konkhra
Album: Reality Check
Release date: May 2003

01. Warmonger
02. The Lions Are Hungry
03. Reality Check
04. Eye Of Horus
05. Hellhound On My Trail
06. Fear Of God
07. The Coming Of (R)Age
08. Grapes Of Wrath
09. Parasite
10. Day Of The Dog
11. Lowlife
12. The Blackest Of Dawns

What do you expect from Konkhra? A pure locomotive of pounding, heavy, and blasting Death/Thrash?
Well, dinner is served: 12 tracks of pure energy and violence, without any frills.
Konkra are finally able to impose themselves in the scene, as they really are capable of.
From the cover artwork you'll understand that Konkra are going to paint you an apocalyptic world and that their music will take no prisoners. On "Reality Check" everything goes on like a machinery, precise and fast, it all emphasized by a crisp, clean and powerful production.

Tight guitarwork, blasting rythmics, Anders Lundemark's hoarse voice, and a good songwriting, the songs are varied but not confused, always following an outline but never repetitive.

The album structure too is really good: the songs are well disposed to let it be the more variegated possible, fast thrash rhythmic attacks, slower heavy and atmospheric-as-hell mid-tempos ["The Lions Are Hungry" is simply great], and more brutal songs are always placed in the right moment.

Konkra demonstrate to everyone that they definitely don't need the name of James Murphy to be known, finally with their original formation those Dutch madmen released an album that will surely appeal a lot to all the Death-Thrash freaks, but capable to impose a wild headbanging to everyone in sight!
Compact, yet technical, and heavy: what do you want more?

If you are hungry for a CD that will be able to force you to bang your head until your neck brokes…get it.

Written by Sephiroth | 11.03.2004


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