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Band: Goatwhore
Album: The Eclipse Of Ages Into Black
Release date: 2000

01. Nocturnal Holocaust
02. Lair Of Nastrond
03. Desolate Path Of Apocalyptic Ruin
04. The Beauty In Suffering
05. As The Reflection Slowly Fades
06. All The Sins
07. Satan's Millennium
08. Upon This Deathbed Of Cold Fire
09. Gravedom
10. Invert The Virgin
11. Perversions Of The Ancient Goat
12. Into A Darker Sun
13. Under A Dark God
14. Commanding The Legions Of Hell
15. Graveyards And Dead Angels

The first release from the Black Metal band out of Louisiana, USA. This was released in 2000 and I think it really wasn't given the attention it deserves. With members from both the late Acid Bath and Soilent Green, these boys came to the scene after members of both bands were experimenting and decided to make this idea and reality. They came to the scene and I guess were ignored, but this doesn't mean that their album wasn't something interesting.

The bad parts of this album are well, how could I say, the drums are slightly lower quality then the rest of the album. The drums do sound a little like they weren't thought out long, they are somewhat bland or hollow at points, but this does prove a point for their sound. They take their sound at a slow pace to a fast pace with each song, some songs are completely slow, the others are fast. But nothing blinding in speed. I don't think it is a bad thing, but each song, no matter the pace, is relatively short. The average is just over 3 minutes, if that. Though, the album has 15 songs on it, it just doesn't really justify their approach towards their sound.

That also has a good point, they don't take long to get what they want done. They don't elaborate more then they need to get their musical point across. They do use some sort of clean vocals on this recording, as they did in the future release, that are slightly Doom Metalish in my opinion, they aren't epic, they are opera based, they are slow and low… like they are howled out into the night. This proves to be a nice blend of clean and grim vocals, nothing like any of the others bands, and the slow guitar pace really accents the vocals as well. They make it an atmosphere where one isn't present.

Songs I recommend. All The Sins, Gravedom, Invert The Virgin, Under A Black God, and Graveyards And Dead Angels.

Written by Prugor | 19.04.2004


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