Incrave - Dead End review


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Band: Incrave
Album: Dead End
Release date: April 2008

01. Shattered
02. The Forgotten
03. A Shadow In The Dark
04. The Touch Of Death
05. Unveil The Truth
06. Shades Of Me
07. An Empty Soul
08. Scream In Silence
09. Never More
10. Dead End

"Dead End" is the second album of Incrave but their first CD was actually released under the name of Evergrace! We're now in front of a "new" band which is not so new and "Dead End" will be the way to confirm all the good words that the combo received for their previous release. It's never bad to keep a good recipe and this release just follows the steps of the last album. Incrave is still a good band of dark Power Metal.

Now that I know the first album, "Evergrace", of the combo I can tell you that Incrave didn't change its sound. "Dead End" is one more time a really nice release of dark and sad melodic Power Metal. A bit like Kamelot, Incrave plays catchy music but it's never happy and never sounds like the numerous bands of Euro "Flower" Power Metal. Sure, this new release features catchy tunes and it's still Power Metal which means that the people who like extreme music will never be attracted by this release but all the people who like Power in general but cannot stand commercial choruses will be convinced by this album. The riffs are heavy, the tempos are not so fast (we're more in front of a mid-tempos album than a fast Power Metal one) and the depressive melodies are cool, "Dead End" is a good album of original Power Metal. It's not so common to listen to such kind of music, especially in the Power Metal category.

"Dead End" is perfectly recorded and one more time the guys of this Swedish combo are really convincing. If the music of Incrave is still original on a side, this is not so surprising now because after all, this is really similar to the first album. It's not a bad thing of course but if you already know "Evergrace", you'll not find anything new here. The songs are good, the style remains the same, so don't expect anything special on this new release.

Even if they didn't take any risks with this new album, "Dead End" is however a good confirmation of the quality of this young Swedish combo. If you like to listen to Power and if you're bored by Knight and Dragons universe, have a look on this release. The dark aspect of the album is great and "Dead End" is full of nice melodies, so yes I can say that Incrave confirms my first words. Incrave plays classy Power Metal.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 8
Songwriting: 7
Originality: 8
Production: 8

Written by Jeff | 16.04.2008



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17.04.2008 - 19:44
the singer sounds like he belongs in an emo band instead. it's pretty good, otherwise.
25.08.2008 - 20:51
It's a nice album, I really liked it.

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