Have A Nice Life - Deathconsciousness
24 January 2008

Disc I [The Plow That Broke The Plains]
01. A Quick One Before The Eternal Worm Devours Connecticut
02. Bloodhail
03. The Big Gloom
04. Hunter
05. Telefony
06. Who Would Leave Their Son Out In The Sun?
07. There Is No Food

Disc II [The Future]
01. Waiting For Black Metal Records To Come In The Mail
02. Holy Fucking Shit: 40,000
03. The Future
04. Deep, Deep
05. I Don't Love
06. Earthmover

Even though it slightly overstays its welcome and is not nearly as original as the blogosphere would like to have you believe, Deathconsciousness by Have A Nice Life is easily the most important album of the year so far and should be heard by everyone. After reportedly five years in the making, this lo-fi masterpiece conjures a mood so harrowing and overbearingly sombre that it makes funeral doom records sound like Barney's theme song.

Have A Nice Life sound like a mixture between the Comsat Angels' Sleep No More and early Coil, but recorded in the lo-fi aesthetics familiar to ambient black metal fans. While not an entirely new approach (Lycia and Kill The Thrill have been wading similarly murky waters for years), this particular combination of amorphously textured riffs, inhuman rhythms and detached vocals can be extremely powerful. Therefore, although not stylistically ground breaking, Have A Nice Life don't actually sound like a rip off. This is not to say that Deathconsciousness doesn't have faults. Being a double album with a clear concept (described in the 75 page booklet attached to the release), it certainly meanders a lot. Not all directions are successful, even if they do appear on the record for legitimate conceptual reasons. I do also wish they used that song structure from the Comsats' "Dark Parade" less often than they do.

Ultimately, the above faults can and should be quickly ignored simply because of the immense emotional weight that emanates from the speakers during a song like "Bloodhail". Besides the occasional barrage of ambient noise that the listener needs to wade through, Deathconsciousness is filled to the brim with simply fantastic riffs, memorable musical motives and innovative vocals. Believe me, the guitar tones you will hear in songs like "Hunter", "Earthmover" and "Holy Fucking Shit: 40,000" are guaranteed to move you. The ubiquitously raw production also adds the sort of fragility to them that works so well in black metal, transforming simple guitar progressions into icy manifestations of atmosphere.

This record will appeal to open minded black metal fans, particularly depressed post-punkers and those searching for the next big thing in the 'metalgaze' movement, although I can honestly recommend it to anyone reading this review.


Written on 18.04.2008 by
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BitterCOld - 18.04.2008 at 21:44  
color me interested.
Stuart - 19.04.2008 at 13:49  
sounds very interesting, the song titles are very comedic almost yet the review indicates the opposite, hmmm, might be worth a listen
gid - 20.04.2008 at 13:05  
I got the album after reading this review, and I'm pretty impressed with it. It reminds me a lot of Jesu, only perhaps mellower and darker.
DreamWeaver - 21.04.2008 at 06:05  
"Metalgaze" huh? Gotta check this one out.
rohgue123 - 23.04.2008 at 09:06  
the song on the myspace makes it sound if the album was recorded underwater, not in a building underwater, but literally in the water.
rohgue123 - 23.04.2008 at 09:07  
and it also reminds of radiohead
Damnated - 23.04.2008 at 13:43  
nice shoegaze with some experimentation, nothing special though,
DreamWeaver - 15.05.2008 at 04:46  
You should check out Moving Mountains eponymous release.
jupitreas - 15.05.2008 at 04:58  
Written by DreamWeaver on 15.05.2008 at 04:46

You should check out Moving Mountains eponymous release.

You mean Pneuma? Good record, and I guess there is some sonic similarity there as well.
Have A Nice Life have a black metal element to them though and are more apt at depression.
As far as shoegazy stuff goes, I would actually choose A Place To Bury Strangers over either HANL or MM, but they are in no way connected to metal, so no review on this website
DreamWeaver - 16.05.2008 at 07:07  
Oh yeah, I forgot it was called Pneuma. But yeah, good album. I'll check A Place To Bury Strangers.
Elio - 23.02.2009 at 17:54  
Nice, I didn't know Have A Nice Life was on this site and even they had a review for this album. I think it's simply brilliant, with Holy Fucking Shit being one of the best song I ever heard in my life.
Talvi - 26.02.2009 at 17:44  
Best album ever.
Elio - 26.09.2009 at 00:18  
Damn just relistened this album now, it is awesome, thank you Have A Nice Life, sucks you're so unknown.
nilzardo - 16.04.2010 at 12:12  
Dude. It's not black metal.
Krankheit - 09.08.2011 at 19:02  
A special, but interesting band. I like it.
Skøllgrim - 22.02.2012 at 16:55  
Anyone heard the demos and b-sides realease Voids
Seems to be unofficial but rather a collection of demos put toghether by a fan (with permission of the band)
See: http://enemieslist.net/undo/2010/07/have-a-nice-life-voids/
Still pretty interesting, I'd recommend checking it out, for fans of this record.

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