Blaze - Tenth Dimension review


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Band: Blaze
Album: Tenth Dimension
Release date: 2002

Disc I
01. Forgotten Future
02. Kill & Destroy
03. End Dream
04. The Tenth Dimension
05. Nothing Will Stop Me
06. Leap Of Faith
07. The Truth Revealed
08. Meant To be
09. Land Of The Blind
10. Stealing Time
11. Speed Of Light
12. Stranger To The Light

Disc II
01. The Launch [live]
02. Futureal [live]
03. Tough as Steel [live]
04. Evolution [live]
05. Living Someone Else's Life
06. Silicon Messiah (MP3)
07. Born as A Stranger (MP3)
08. Ghost In The Machine (Video)
09. Inside The Tenth Dimension (EPK)

To follow up a success so big that Blaze had with their debut album, "Silicon Messiah" isn't easy, we know that. But still we have so extremely high expectations when a new album is on its way.
And so was the case for me, when Blaze was on their way to release their second album, "Tenth Dimension".
I was longing from that day I first heard the news about a new Blaze album, I was almost longing to death.
The day come, I got the new album, and guess what. Yeah, right. I was extremely disappointed.
"Tenth Dimension" wasn't anything that I believed (and hoped) it should be.
Disappointment of the year I gave it then, but after some time, I really find a way to enjoy the album, but only if I hadn't listen to "Silicon Messiah" in a while.

Andy Sneap once again produced and mixed the album, but what different did that make? None.
The material isn't even close to "Silicon Messiah", but both Blaze and his band members still did a good impression on me, they haven't, musically, fallen down as the material they written.
Overall it's not so bad, can I state now, 2 years after the release.
But it's not even close in neither Darkness nor Heaviness.
This time it's more "happy alike" Heavy Metal, a little less melodic than Maiden but more against that than "Silicon Messiah", and that's a big difference that I didn't (and still really don't) like.

I don't know if it was with purpose or not, but it's a fact.
And it's not before now (or some months back) I really can enjoy the album as much as I do.
The extraordinary good voice of Blaze and the wonderful cooperation between the other band members (Still the same as on "Silicon Messiah") was the only reason why I didn't throw the album out of my window when I got it.

But today I'm older (and smarter?) and find what joy I can in it, and it's firstly songs like "End Dream", "The Tenth Dimension"& "Stealing Time" I like, but some more darkness wouldn't have hurt. The albums feel like Night and Day, that's the best way to describe the difference between "Silicon Messiah" and "Tenth Dimension", and I prefer night.

I know this album is saluted in many periodicals and by many fans, but I can't really say that they have neither right nor wrong. Because it's more a matter of taste, fans of the darker (and angrier?) Blaze will not like this as much as "Silicon Messiah", but if you want a happier Blaze, this is for you.
And if you get your hands at the Digi-pak you will get a second cd too, that contains some Mp3's, live songs, video and one Bonus Track ("Living Someone Else's Life").

So overall the album isn't close to its precursor, not in any way except the skill on the members, Blaze in principally. But it's a quite solid Heavy Metal album that offer one and another surprise. As mention more for fans of a happier Blaze than fans of darker (Blaze) music.

Favourite Songs: Already mentions "End Dream", "The Tenth Dimension" & "Stealing Time" gets the votes, but it's surely no killers, since the album misses those.

Written by Malcolm | 26.04.2004



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24.12.2007 - 04:31
I loved the album. I think it's bayley's best!! even better than Silicon Messiah but as you said, it's just a matter of taste.

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