King's X - XV review


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Band: King's X
Album: XV
Release date: May 2008

01. Pray
02. Blue
03. Repeating Myself
04. Rocket Ship
05. Julie
06. Alright
07. Broke
08. I Just Want To Live
09. Move
10. I Don't Know
11. Stuck
12. Go Tell Somebody
13. Love And Rockets (Hell's Screaming)
14. No Lie

King's X is back, and you know what, that's great! Why? Well because the band is heavier than ever on this release and that's good thing. "Dogman" was probably was of their famous but also heavier release to date but I think that people now will talk about "XV" too. No doubt that the American combo is like good wine, with time they're becoming better, which doesn't mean that they haven't released fantastic albums in the past, but at least they're not turning into vinegar if you see what I mean…

"XV" is not a really surprising album on some aspects. On a side, King's X still uses the same ingredients in its recipe. Groovy riffs, mid-tempo songs and ballads compose the new album but it seems that Ty Tybor wanted to add big riffs too in this release and some songs like "Pray For Me" or "Rocket Ship" are definitely heavier than a lot of other past compositions of the trio. Don't believe that King's X plays Thrash Metal now, they're still doing their really nice American Hard Rock with Prog touches but definitely "XV" is a bit more powerful and well that's great!

Of course if you like the band you'll still love it here but if you have never been attracted by King's X, I don't think that those little "aggressive" touches will help you to change your opinion but honestly the performance of Doug Pinnick is perfect and Ty and Jerry are simply great here. With in addition a production made in heaven and some superb groovy and funky songs like "Alright" or "Broke", "XV" is an album full of potential hits which will all please to the fans of the combo. I really think that "XV" is one of the best albums that the band have released lately, I don't see why you should have the right to miss it and who know maybe that some of you will finally like the funky King's X…

King's X is a band which deserves a lot more fans and success. I really hope that "XV" and the fact that a Metal label like Inside Out releases this album will help these masters to touch more people now. "XV" is a must for all the fans of King's X, one of these really original albums that the open minded Metalheads will have to buy as soon as possible. It's great to see that King's is not becoming "old", the guys still rock and that's great news for us.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 9
Songwriting: 8
Originality: 8
Production: 9

Written by Jeff | 29.04.2008



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30.04.2008 - 19:48
Dane Train
Beers & Kilts
One of my favorite band with yet another amazing album Good review Jeff!
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01.05.2008 - 19:18
Agree, it's a nice album indeed
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25.09.2008 - 00:28
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nice album, great band! welcome back King's X

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