Jack Frost - Self Abusing Uglysex Ungod review


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Band: Jack Frost
Album: Self Abusing Uglysex Ungod
Release date: June 2002

01. Mother Mary Sleeps With Me
02. One Hundred Percent Pure Pain
03. Unseen Insane
04. The Dance
05. Some You
06. Last Monday
07. It All Means Nothing To Me
08. El Funeral Del Dictador

I'm very happy to review this Cd, because lately I've been following the career of Austrians Jack Frost, and to be honest, at first listen I wasn't impressed with their past albums (and still I am not), but one thing worth mentioning is that with each album this band surpasses themselves and by consequence, improves.

Last album Jack Frost found their sound by adding some Gothic influences in their music, this time around, the influences are even bigger, making of this fifth album by Jack Frost, a Doom Gothic Metal masterpiece.
I'm so happy to be reviewing this album because like I said, I've been following the band, and this is definitely their best work to the date, last album jack Frost found their sound, this time they refined.

The album starts with "Mother Mary Sleeps With Me" a catchy song with a lot of hooks, these guys have incorporated the "hook system" in every song, each son has catchy lines that stick in your mind, "One Hundred Percent Pure Pain" might be the best Jack Frost to the date, the excellent chorus section and the dismal lyrics makes of this one of my favorite song of Jack Frost, "Unseen Insane" is another great song, and I don't think I have to mention that, has a really catchy chorus.
"The Dance" brings a new element to Jack Frost, the backing vocals, this song has great backing vocals that add a special touch, the vocals aren't as deep and mournful as the main ones, so the contrast is really great, hope that they experiment with this kind of vocals more often, 'cus is a good choice, since the violin has been taken away from all songs.
The album also contain a cover song, "Last Monday" is originally of The Priests, band that I'm afraid, I'm unfamiliar with, but this song again, contains great backing vocals, the album ends with a great instrumental, "El Funeral Del Dictador" (translation: the funeral of the dictator), is a great Doom song, very paced, very depressive, Jack Frost at their Doomiest time.

As always, Jack Frost has little luck with labels, almost each release is under a different label, this time was with the now defunct Wait And Bleed, a division of Napalm Records, sadly things didn't work out with them either.

Needless to say, this is an excellent album of a band that has progressed with every album, and now finally they've created a masterpiece, each song here is worth listening, because each one is so unique and murky, Jack Frost finally did it.

Written by Undercraft | 10.05.2004


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