Ellipsis - From Beyond Thematics review


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Band: Ellipsis
Album: From Beyond Thematics
Release date: May 2004

01. Infernal And Beautiful
02. Spiritual Flower Bath
03. Butterfly Process
04. Divination
05. Darkness Call
06. Mother Apocalypse
07. Circle Of Psycho Universe
08. Dark Sensual Nymph
09. Astral My Land
10. From Beyond Thematics

Ellipsis is a real strange band from France. They say that they play "Psycho-Metal, Prog-Symphonic"… Well, this very complex name to describe their musical style is certainly right but "Progressive Music" is certainly a good compromise if we want to classify Ellipsis.
"From Beyond Thematics" is the new album of the band, and only one year after their last album "Cosmatory", this French combo do something which will be certainly one of the great surprise of the year.

The music of Ellispis is very complex. They definitely do Progressive music, and it's very hard for me to explain this music but in fact "From Beyond Thematics" is a real mix of a ton of Metal style, which give a lot of extraordinary and strange songs. If I must describe its, I could say that we have a lot of dark and heavy slow guitars riffs with in addition a lot of keyboard and the great voice [a mix of Ozzy and Warrel Dane] of Emmanuelson. Yes the voice of the singer is amazing and damn powerful and it's certainly one of the most important point of the music of Ellipsis. Without Emmanuelson it's certain that this band couldn't be so interesting.
At the end the band do Prog Metal but it sound very dark, very sad, maybe even gothic, and if some guys will say that Ellipsis is an Heavy/Prog band, and I agree with that, they will certainly agree with me if I say that for some parts in the composition, we are not too far of Doom and Gothic too. With that description, I hope that you understand that this band is original, and damn it's good actually. No this time we don't have one another Power or Melodeath band, no with Ellipsis we have originality and it's certainly due to this great musicians who find their inspiration in bands like Dream Theater, Faith no More or Devin Townsend for example. The music is good and original and the lyrics are very good too… With this great mix you certainly understand that "From Beyond Thematics" is not a common metal cd but just an amazing album.

The production like the music is also very good. Mixed and produced by the great Terje Refsnes we can't find any problem with the sound of the album. It's just cool because we can really find all the atmosphere that Ellispis wants to give to us. If we can consider that their music is psychedelic sometime, then well with this perfect sound, believe me that it's easy to be like hypnotised by the songs of this album.

Nothing more to say with this album. If you don't know Ellipsis try them through "From Beyond Thematics". It's a great production and all the metalheads for sure will like it. Originality is the word to describe this new release and it's good to see that some musicians know it again.
"From Beyond Thematics" is a great album, a great surprise, and I really recommend it. With this new album, Ellipsis show that they are an original band and certainly one of the best metal band from France.

Written by Jeff | 16.05.2004


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