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Band: Lauren Harris
Album: Calm Before The Storm
Release date: 2008

01. Steal Your Fire
02. Your Turn
03. Get Over It
04. Like It Or Not
05. From The Bottom To The Top
06. Let Us Be
07. Hurry Up
08. Come On Over
09. Hit Or Miss
10. See Through
11. You Say
12. Natural Thing

Do you know Lauren Harris? Ho come on, I'm sure that you know who she is and that you've even probably seen her when she and her band were the opening act of Iron Maiden's last tour. No need one more time to say who she is really and let's focus a bit more on her music and first album, "Calm Before The Storm".

"Calm Before The Storm" begins with two really good songs, "Steal Your Fire" and "Your Turn" which clearly sound Hard Rock. At first and after that I've listened to those songs I thought that we were in front of something good and honest, some kind of 80's Hard FM with a female singer. Unfortunately, only some few songs can be considered as good Hard Rock because the third track (and some other following songs) are pure boring Pop Punk Rock a la Avril Lavigne… Just listen to "Get Over It" and you'll quickly understand what I mean this is simply terrible in comparison of some other songs of the album. It's sad really because Lauren is accompanied by really good musicians (real Hard Rockers) and she is not too bad even if her voice is not the best of the galaxy. But I have to be honest I simply dislike this Pop Rock for teenagers and I really think that Lauren Harris and her band should try to focus a bit more on their Hard Rock influences to compose an album that a lot of metalheads could love. This band definitely is not bad and Lauren Harris who is, like her father, a real leader and someone charismatic on stage should try to play something heavier and not so Pop.

Of course "Calm Before The Storm" is really well produced and the performance of the musicians is quite impressive. Definitely the Lauren Harris band features some masters of guitars who are able to play great soli, but the problem of this album is that its clearly lacks of energy and power. I just hope that, in the future, the band will try to do something more like White Snake instead of some "Pop starlet" music.

"Calm Before The Storm" has some good passages, that's simply too bad that some songs are too Pop and commercial… Let's hope that in the future the band will be able to produce something a bit more homogenous and of course Metal. If they can do it, I'm sure that metalheads will start to follow them but if it doesn't have to change, then only some teenagers and Pop Rock fans will find a real interest in the music of the band.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 7
Songwriting: 5
Originality: 6
Production: 8

Written by Jeff | 05.06.2008



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06.06.2008 - 08:30
yeah... I saw her here when Iron Maiden played in Mexico city... and... only one thing...

her music suxxxx assss soo fucking hard!!! the people was soo bored and angry....
06.06.2008 - 09:47
Saw her at a Maiden gig, but didn't really pay attention...

Dreams are made so we don't get bored when we sleep
06.06.2008 - 10:38
Bad English
She looks HOT and plays good music, realky I like her, she shood be mentioned in forums like best female vocalist
Life is to short for LOVE, there is many great things to do online !!!

Stormtroopers of Death - ''Speak English or Die''

I better die, because I never will learn speek english, so I choose dieing
06.06.2008 - 15:18
Marcel Hubregtse
Grumpy Old Fuck
she loks great and all, but her music is a crapfest. Her opening every single Maiden tour is pure and utter nepotism
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06.06.2008 - 15:53
Well, the band gets some attention, especially from the guys crowd, because of her of course (she looks pretty good )

But, as far as me concerned, the music is kinda easily forgetful...
07.06.2008 - 07:07
Doit Like Bernie
Why is she even on the site of her songs can be compared to Avril Lavigne?
09.06.2008 - 09:35
Account deleted
in 2007 i saw her live by mistake!
15.06.2008 - 09:49
Account deleted
I saw her On Somewhere Back In TIme tour in Albuquerque ,NM....just like an advise,if you are in the front of the pit, you better not be making faces to her music,because Daddy Harris is watching little Miss Harris performance all the time,and the next thing you know during Iron Maiden gig,Harris will not even stand in your side for even 10 seconds!!!....jajajajaja
20.06.2008 - 21:59
Account deleted
I saw Lauren Harris live in Colombia...... few people like that I take him attention.
06.07.2008 - 20:47
She's good for what she is. She's also the daughter of the beast, so she has to be given some credit. She should do heavier music, I really think there would be a market for that.
She needs to cover Bring Your Daughter to the Slaughter.
20.07.2008 - 19:44
Darkside Momo
Well, it's mostly forgetable pop/rock as far as metalheads are concerned.
Maybe she should now fly on her own, and appeal to more mainstream audience, because touring only with her father will do no good.

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27.09.2009 - 02:01
Heaven Knight
Heard her as support of Iron Maiden last September and it was really horrible...ok, maybe she alone should be fine, but when one is waiting to see Maiden and hears this...
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