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Band: Gun Barrel
Album: Outlaw Invasion
Release date: 2008

01. Invasion Warning
02. Front Killers
03. Turn to Black
04. Wanted Man
05. The Redeemer
06. Keep On Movin
07. Cheap, Wild & Nasty
08. Brother to Brother
09. Ghost Inside
10. M.I.L.F.
11. Tomorrow Never Comes
12. Outlaw Invasion

"Outlaw Invasion" is the last album of Gun Barrel, a German combo that I've only discovered through this new release. However, this album is already their fourth CD and even if it's hard to get a name in the world of Metal, this is strange that we've never heard a lot about them because definitely Gun Barrel is a solid band of Heavy Metal and I think that you should have a look on it especially if you like all the "NWOBHM" scene and even Hard Rock.

Even if Gun Barrel comes from Germany, the band plays "NWOBHM" Heavy Metal with Hard Rock touches. The funny thing here is that we can even compare the voice of Xaver Drexler to the one of Biff Byford because definitely both singers have the same kind of tonality in their voice and Xaver Drexler doesn't have to be ashamed of his abilities, he is also a great singer. The other good point of "Outlaw Invasion" is that the album clearly sounds British, and when I say that it's real "NWOBHM", I'm not lying. The release is composed of good melodic tunes but the riffs are heavy and definitely not "Power", a big mistake that a lot of classic Heavy bands from Germany use to do in general. "Outlaw Invasion" is real Heavy with real Hard Rock spirit, that's maybe classic as hell and will not give you anything new but it works at least and if you're looking for good Heavy Metal, this album will be for you.

In addition of the excellent voice of Xaver Drexler, the performance of the three other musicians is really good. As I said just above, "Outlaw Invasion" is not this kind of release which will be really surprising for you, this is classic and old school as hell but perfectly done with a great production some cool artworks. Well if you like Rock N Roll, it should be a nice lovely discovery for you.

Ok ok, don't expect anything new with "Outlaw Invasion" but if you're looking for good Heavy Metal which flirts with Hard Rock, "Outlaw Invasion" is a must for you. This is not new just classic but at least that's solid and of course the album features really nice song so don't wait anymore time if you want some old school Metal.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 8
Songwriting: 8
Originality: 7
Production: 8

Written by Jeff | 15.06.2008



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16.06.2008 - 10:11
Gun Barrel sounds awfully familiar, but I can't tell why... Anyways, sounds good, I'm gonna check it out
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17.06.2008 - 07:55
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More NWOBM is nearly always never a bad thing (nearly always never?). Sounds good going to check it out. I agree with your statement that too many german bands going for a Hard Rock sound end up power metal. Why is it so?

You can wear leather pants without having to throw in the socks? So why can't they create metal that doesn't sound like balls are being squeezed?

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