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Iron Maiden - Visions Of The Beast: The Complete Video History review


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Band: Iron Maiden
Album: Visions Of The Beast: The Complete Video History
Release date: June 2003

Disc I
01. Women In Uniform [Skyhooks cover]
02. Wrathchild [Live at the Rainbow]
03. Run To The Hills
04. The Number Of The Beast
05. Flight Of Icarus
06. The Trooper
07. 2 Minutes To Midnight
08. Aces High
09. Wasted Years
10. Stranger In A Strange Land
11. Can I Play With Madness
12. The Evil That Men Do
13. The Clairvoyant [Live Donington '88]
14. Infinite Dreams [Live Birmingham '88]
15. Holy Smoke
16. Tailgunner

17. Aces High [Camp Chaos version]
18. The Number Of The Beast [Camp Chaos version]
19. Futureal [Football Video]
20. Fear Of The Dark [Live in Rio]

Disc II
01. Bring Your Daughter... To The Slaughter
02. Be Quick Or Be Dead
03. From Here To Eternity
04. Wasting Love
05. Fear Of The Dark [Live Donington '92]
06. Hallowed Be Thy Name [Live Donington '92]
07. Man On The Edge
08. Afraid To Shoot Strangers [live]
09. Lord Of The Flies
10. Virus
11. The Angel And The Gambler
12. Futureal
13. The Wicker Man
14. Out Of The Silent Planet
15. Brave New World [Live in Rio]

16. The Wicker Man [Camp Chaos version]
17. Run To The Hills [Camp Chaos version]
18. Flight Of Icarus [Camp Chaos version]

Iron Maiden means a lot to me. It was the first Metal band I got into and in short I'm a die hard Maiden fan. But what I've always despised is their boring music videos. This DVD proved me wrong though. First the Di'Anno days. Here we get Women In Uniform and a live performance of Wrathchild. Women In Uniform is pretty cool and funny, you get that old school Metal feeling from it. Wrathchild is Wrathchild, you know what you get.

Now we come to the part I dislike the most, the early Dickinson videos. I know many love them but I've always thought they were kind of boring with Maiden just standing on a stage performing the songs along with some video clips. But I realised that the videos are actually pretty well made and charming like nothing else. The only one I still hate is Two Minutes To Midnight, it's boring as hell. Maybe it's just because I'm so tired of the song, after listening to it on a strict basis for seven years. Somewhere In Time and Seventh Son do have mostly cool videos like Wasted Years and The Evil That Men Do. Great stage presence from the band and some nostalgy trips. Then we have Dickinson's last years in Iron Maiden and after the horrible (it's not funny) Holy Smoke something's happened. The videos are way better than before in my opinion. Wasting Love is awesome! The production is great, good light effects and strong emotions from the band, especially Bruce.

And then the Blaze years. Say whatever you want but I love Bayley, he has a powerful, deep voice which I adore. Man On The Edge is absolutely great. Well done, sexy, fast clips and Blaze looks totally bad ass. My favourite Maiden video? Maybe. The video for Lord Of The Flies is just as cool as the catchy song and the live performance with Afraid To Shoot Strangers is very majestic. Blaze sings this song well, no doubt. The Angel And The Gambler is without doubt their most cheesy song ever, the video is no exception and works more as a commercial for the computer game Ed Hunter (play this stupid game NOW!).

At last we have Dickinson's and Smith's return. These videos are nothing special but since the songs are so good I guess I really like them too. The extra material is very poor, we get the Rock In Rio version of Fear Of The Dark, some video clips of Maiden's football team and the Camp Chaos videos. Out of those I'd really recommend you all to watch Aces High, the end is hillarious when you see the true face of the nazis! This DVD really changed my opinion of Maiden videos. I do like them now and since this DVD is kinda cheap I guess it's a great way to get into Iron Maiden. The "low" Metal Storm rating is because the lack of extra material.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 9
Songwriting: 9
Originality: 4
Production: 8

Written by Warman | 16.07.2008


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Cuca Beludo
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Really, the rating is a bit of "low" for the maiden.

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