Various Artists - Gigantour 2 review


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Band: Various Artists
Album: Gigantour 2
Release date: April 2008

The Smashup
01. Effigy

02. Beneath The Machine

Into Eternity
03. Severe Emotional Distress

04. Necroshine
05. Rotten To The Core

Arch Enemy
06. Nemesis
07. We Will Rise

08. The Leper Affinity

Lamb Of God
09. Vigil
10. Now You've Got Something To Die For

11. Take No Prisoners
12. The Scorpion
13. Washington Is Next

Today we will talk about the second opus of the Megadeth Gigantour. Recorded in 2006, this DVD features all the bands which have played with Megadeth during this amazing world tour. The DVD is not perfect and I will let you know why later but all in all "Gigantour 2" will be a good souvenir for all the metalheads who have been to one of the shows of the tour or will maybe even be a good way for some hermits to discover new bands… who know?

It's always fun to watch a DVD which features a lot of band. This compilation is not so bad especially when you know that bands like Lamb Of God, Overkill, Arch Enemy or Opeth are featured on it. The problem here (and that's the same problem with all these DVDs) is that it's super frustrating to watch only one or two songs of each bands. You always have the feeling that something is missing and of course, that's true, something is missing… Also, I regret that the tracklist is a bit weird, sure we've already seen a lot of time some songs like "Holy Wars" but I think that some big hits are missing and not only for Megadeth. On a hand it's cool to see that Megadeth has the same number of tracks than the other important bands of the DVD (except Opeth but their only songs is long anyway…) but I think that it could be good maybe to have more Megadeth songs in the future could be great… let's say that five songs could be ok.

All in all, the DVD is perfectly recorded with a good sound even if I regret that we don't hear a lot the crowd. The bonuses are a bit cheap too but at least the video recording is perfect and the performance of each band is more than honourable. "Gigantour 2" is just too short and suffers of a track-listing with is a bit average. Except these problems we're in front of a good compilation DVD nothing essential but it can be a good way to pass a good evening with friends.

Except if you've attended one of the shows of the Gigantour 2006, the "Gigantour 2" DVD is not a must. It doesn't mean that it's a bad DVD, at the opposite this is a really good one but this is a compilation and it's always better to watch a full length concert than only some little samples. I hope that one day someone will be able to release a box which only features the full length concerts of all the bands featured on such tour but I know that it's just a dream and I will keep in mind that the only way to have a look on festivals will be on such compilation DVD. "Gigantour 2" is a good DVD I just hope that the next one will be a bit longer.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 8
Songwriting: -
Originality: -
Production: 8

Written by Jeff | 05.07.2008



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