Moonspell - Night Eternal
19 May 2008

Disc I [CD]
01. At Tragic Heights
02. Night Eternal
03. Shadow Sun
04. Scorpion Flower
05. Moon In Mercury
06. Hers Is The Twilight
07. Dreamless (Lucifer And Lilith)
08. Spring Of Rage
09. First Light
10. Age Of Mothers [limited edition bonus]
11. Earth Of Mine [limited edition bonus]
12. Unhearted [limited edition bonus]
13. Scorpion Flower (Dark Lush Cut) [acoustic version] [limited edition bonus]
14. Scorpion Flower (The Feeble Cut) [limited edition bonus]

Disc II [Live In Wacken Open Air DVD]
01. Finisterra
02. Memento Mori
03. Blood Tells
+ Finisterra [video]
+ Luna [video]
+ Finisterra [making of the video]

Moonspell has really been gaining popularity over the few years and luckily the good way.
Memorial was a fine album and explored new borders for Moonspell's musical direction and they even managed to win an MTV award with it!
Followed later with a release of their reworked demo which was an nice snack for the wait of their next album.

Night Eternal, the name already sounds pretty cliché but never judge a book by its cover and even clichés can be enjoyable when done right. Bitter disappointment got me later when I was finally listening to the album and the judgement based on the cover turned out to be correct, Night eternal is cliché. Unfortunately a sloppy one as well, the keyboards are terribly corny and the guitars sound uninspired and weak you can hear it painfully well during the opening track "At Tragic Heights". Fernando also tries to cover up the lack of originality by pulling off catchy grunts during many songs and it gets old very quickly.

The cheese factor also reaches new heights with "Scorpion Flower" this terribly over the top cliché cornball of a song doesn't do any justice to Anneke van Giersbergen's sweet voice.
The album finally gets a solid base at the end of "Dreamless" how obvious it is in the name? - it has this nice well built up dreamy atmosphere. "Spring of Rage" continues the solid base and it's a good song, but the best is the closing track "First Light" where everything turns out perfectly and invokes the typical dark Moonspell atmosphere which we all love.
Too bad it's just 1 song among 2 other good songs and the rest average to bad.

Overall Night Eternal is a bitter disappointment and an average sloppy album. Moonspell have to get back to the drawing table and reconsider their choices for the next album.

Performance: 7
Songwriting: 6
Originality: 5
Production: 7

Band profile: Moonspell
Album: Night Eternal


written by Pétur | 11.08.2008

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Since the album "Memorial", I think that everybody considers that Moonspell is definitely back to the top of the best of the best of the Metal scene. This album is considered as one of the best releases of the combo and since that day everybody was waiting for a great new release. We had the chance to listen to last year the re-edition of old songs through "Under Satanae" but now the time to talk about the new original release of Moonspell is coming. "Night Eternal", the new Moonspell is in my hand and luckily, one more time we will not be disappointed!

published 02.06.2008 | Comments (38)

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Pétur - 02.03.2010 at 02:54  
Written by Vonpire on 21.02.2010 at 22:03

Written by Pétur on 21.02.2010 at 17:36

Written by Vonpire on 21.02.2010 at 07:04

Ridiculous the rating...

" The best Gothic Metal album of 2008 " Says it all.

Long Live to my friends Moonspell

Fernando, és o orgulho de Portugal!

It says nothing, all it says is that the awards are dominated by fanboys such as yourself.

You even know me to say whatever i am??

Yup, you are the man, whatever get's out of your "brain" it's the absolute true...

As i said before , ridiculous rating for an amazing album.

Enough, said. Not going to feed stupid discussions about someone who clearly doesn't respect people opinions.

It appears that the fanboy here isn't me...

Vonpire - 09.03.2010 at 16:31  
Damn, that's ridiculous...
VaronoZz - 20.01.2011 at 16:29  
All this years and albums, moonspell never went so much out of the limits and i think i like it. The fans are the same since the beginning and they like moonspell from the first allbum till the last. Its not a masterpiece mostly coz its not something new but for sure this album has more positives
AngelofDeth - 09.04.2012 at 06:40  
I also thought it was a bit sloppy but i definitely still enjoy this album. not great but still good.
Surion - 30.04.2012 at 10:56  
For me this album is a grower, at first I didn't like it too much...but then I listened to it a few more times and now I love it. Not as great as Wolfheart, however deserves at least an 8.5 IMO

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