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Band: Gorath
Album: Misotheism
Release date: April 2008

01. Gnosis
02. Apophasis
03. Abufihamet
04. Sophia
05. Metempsychosis
06. Abraxas
07. Sicarii

As you might have already read, "Misotheism is a concept album about heresy throughout the years, mythology, legend and lore". This is the third full-length album from Belgium's Gorath and what I can only describe as ground breaking for the band. Its quite a departure from "The Fourth Era", showing the maturity of an artist and with a full band, allowing him to bring out the true colors of Gorath. The "heresy" concept was mentioned by artist, Filip Dupont and then Jurgen S. jumped on board and wrote the lyrics and introduction text. The liner notes are very helpful for those unfamiliar with such things in history and makes "deciphering" the lyrics easier. It is mostly based upon the Gnostic beliefs, traces of the Knights Templar, Cathars and more. To fully appreciate things, you should really read through the lyrics. The layout was completed by FLP himself. The photos are mostly religious in nature, only adding to the affect the band is trying to create.

To the music! The album opens with the jaw-breaking track, Gnosis. The music itself comes crashing down upon you in the first minute leaving you utterly breathless. Suddenly, everything is broken up with the sounds of Gregorian Chants and soft acoustic passages...then returning to its original chaotic state. Welcome to the album that is "Misotheism". Rounding every corner you seem to hit a climax, but its only a part of the journey. Gnosis is just one of the prime examples of this. Next up, you have the slightly calmer, but enjoyable Apophasis. Throughout the album are always these twists and turns as previously stated. From FLP's distinguished screams to the calm backing vocals. The end of Apophasis throws your mind in the opposite direction! The chaos ends and this subtle acoustic and melodic presence is brought forth, very different from the rest of the song, but beautiful. The end of Apophasis is exactly what makes Abufihamet such an extremely powerful song! It just blares into your ears with that now familiar sound. At one point it reaches a peak to one of the darkest moments of the album...wait for that. The way the backing vocals carry over the screaming just sounds so grandiose. This song is hammering down until the very last seconds. Metempsychosis is the return to heaviness after Sophia. There is never a break, its just riff after riff, beat after beat of in your face black metal. The end of the song introduces a beautiful female voice which could be similiar to the sound of a Siren. Abraxas picks up from there with a mid-pace tempo at first, the singing is more of screaming clearly and eventually turns back to the norm for vocals. The song goes on for some time in the same manner with a majestic interlude and then carrying on where it left off. Overall, it sounds like a very personal song and is sure to capture your attention. The last song is the very unforgettable Sicarii. It is another song that is relentless. In the middle you have what sounds to be a battle and it just sets the mood so you remember that this is a provocation of religion, at least Christianity-questioning the very beliefs they hold dear.

The album is full of new experiences, exciting riffs, a pure example of real drumming, a few of the famous "uugghhhh!"s and much more. The album is meant for people who are looking for a band that refine the boundaries of black metal as we know it. When its all over, one can only wonder what comes next.

Between all the great tracks its hard to really pick a favorite. Its simply best to choose a non-favorite! That track being the lesser of the six, Sophia. Sophia is only a two and a half minute filler track with ambient sounds and the spoken words of Jurgen S., which I find to be quite monotone. This is definitely a dry track on an otherwise superb album!

Rating breakdown
Performance: 9
Songwriting: 10
Originality: 9
Production: 9

Written by TheBigRossowski | 29.08.2008


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04.10.2008 - 00:17
Marcel Hubregtse
Grumpy Old Fuck
Heard it again today after a couple of beers and some wine...

and, hell, this is a brilliant album.
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24.02.2009 - 21:01
Dudeist Priest'
Written by Marcel Hubregtse on 04.10.2008 at 00:17

Heard it again today after a couple of beers and some wine...

and, hell, this is a brilliant album.

I need to go to the Doctor and find out if I'm bi-polar. I have crazy mood swings and a very unstable thought process....I think I should have voted for Misotheism after all. Just listened to it again and it's still a brilliant album. Unforgettable.
That rug really tied the room together, did it not?
20.08.2010 - 11:22
Doit Like Bernie
Listening to this for the first time, this album is fuckin killer.

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