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Band: Motörhead
Album: Motörizer
Release date: August 2008

01. Runaround Man
02. (Teach You How To) Sing The Blues
03. When The Eagle Screams
04. Rock Out
05. One Short Life
06. Buried Alive
07. Back On The Chain
08. English Rose
09. Heroes
10. Time Is Right
11. The Thousand Names Of God

When a new Motörhead album is out, we can always read everywhere the same sentences which all say that the band still play Motörhead music! It will not be different one more time, with "Motörizer" the British Rock N Roll killers are back with a new release which shouldn't disappoint the fans of the combo. After their two excellent last albums, "Kiss Of Death" and more especially the great "Inferno", Lemmy and his two mates produce a good but basic album of Rock N Roll. Sure nothing is new one more time but this is Motörhead's syndrome since 1977 anyway so really we will not care about it. Motörhead plays Rock N Roll and they will maybe kick our ass… again!

"Motörizer" is really bluesy and this is its main force. When "Inferno" and "Kiss Of Death" were both really explosive, with Rock and Blues element of course but all in all really heavy violent and aggressive riffs, "Motörizer" is a lot more traditional if I can use this word. Here, Motörhead plays the Blues and on a side it's cool to have such a release after the two previous albums. Of course this is not because I'm saying that "Motörizer" is less heavy this time that we don't have fast and aggressive songs like "Rock Out" which should become a new anthem a la "Ace Of Spades" or "Buried Alive" which just smells napalm… But "Motörizer" is mainly composed of "cool" songs like "English Rose" or "One Short Live" which are pure Rock N Roll tracks to finish finally with the bluesy ballad "Heroes". All in all, even if "Motörizer" is varied with calm and most aggressive songs, this is the Blues attitude which remains the most important influence on this CD. But unfortunately, don't expect a real fast aggressive song like "Killers", "Motörizer" is not in this category but it's cool to have a real Rock N Roll album sometime, it's a bit like if Motörhead wanted to come back to the roots of its music, and this is not displeasing. On the other hand, even if "Motörizer" is not a bad album, I think that the band was better with its two previous albums and if "Motörizer" is not a terrible album this is something a lot more average without anything special and with a certain lacks of mega hits.

From one album to the other the production of the last Motörhead releases are perfect nowadays. "Motörizer" doesn't change this trend and you'll not find any problems of recording or mixing, this is the real Motörhead sound. Plus, Lemmy, Phil Cambell and Mikkey Dee are really good one more time. The guitars soli are excellent and super inspired, the voice and the bass lines of Lemmy are perfect and Mikkey Dee one more time is a real metronome. There is nothing to say here, "Motörizer" is maybe not the best album of the band and I think that I still prefer "Inferno" in reason of its really heavy and thrashy songs but "Motörizer" is a good album of Rock with some punk influences and of course with this big bluesy attitude.

If you were expecting something new, I will simply say that you don't understand Motörhead but if you like the band you'll not be disappointed by this good piece of Rock N Roll. Sure this is a bit the same from one album to the other and "Motörizer" is not the best Motörhead release but this is certainly better than their bad releases. If you want your dose of Rock N Roll, "Motörizer" is recommended but this is not the album of the year definitely.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 9
Songwriting: 7
Originality: 6
Production: 9

Written by Jeff | 31.08.2008



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31.08.2008 - 23:38
Totemic Lust
Nice review... I am always amazing by how fast Metal Storm reviews come out sometimes...
31.08.2008 - 23:50
What? Where is the review from Wacken then?
01.09.2008 - 00:16
Rosetta Stoned
Awesome titles Got to hear "Sing the Blues"!
01.09.2008 - 00:35
Doc G.
Full Grown Hoser
I notice a lot of change in Motorheads sound over the years...then again I listen to them with very intense detail. I like this one more than Kiss Of Death because its more back to the bluesy roots.
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01.09.2008 - 03:15
I got this cd and its not so bad at all
01.09.2008 - 20:02
OMFG! I can't wait to get this album!! I want more Motörhead!
01.09.2008 - 21:38
O Sinistron
Hopeless Sinner
I've gotten the new album 2 days before the release date. The first time I've listened it was like an ordinary album, Just the 1st and the 10th tracks sounded something else!
Then I've listened it again!
And once more Motörheadproved they're a fucking amazing band!
Along with Rush, Motörhead is my favourite band, so I'm suspicious to judge.
Analizying the last century albums they're all good. Better than the 90's albums.
But Hammered and Inferno are something great, something very great.
Kiss of Death is a very good album.
And, thanks Lemmy, Motörizer is better than it's predecessor!
I forsee a great future for Motörhead coming ahead! And I Hope they come back to Brasil next year!
"Wanna watch the movie, can't sit still,
Flying down to Rio, going to Brazil
02.09.2008 - 18:26
I didn't have chance to listen this album yet, but good review anyway. I'll check this staff as soon as possible.
03.09.2008 - 09:13
I think I've mentioned this before but when I heard the songs on the Motörizer widget I thought, "Only Lemmy can get away with making albums like that!"

I'm still gonna get Motörizer, see how it feels. "Kiss of Death" was kinda a letdown, then again "Inferno" was brilliant.
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04.09.2008 - 12:03
Muhannad Saleh
rlly good album
13.09.2008 - 16:51
Account deleted
i liked the album so much and my vote is 8.
13.09.2008 - 17:28
these oldmen still kick ass.
i love their speed plus warmness of lemmys voice.
15.09.2008 - 10:00
napalm angel
motorheads stuffs never let me down.
19.09.2008 - 00:06
Doc G.
Full Grown Hoser
Written by destroyah on 03.09.2008 at 09:13

I think I've mentioned this before but when I heard the songs on the Motörizer widget I thought, "Only Lemmy can get away with making albums like that!"

I'm still gonna get Motörizer, see how it feels. "Kiss of Death" was kinda a letdown, then again "Inferno" was brilliant.

I agree, Inferno was possibly the second best album of their career (right behind Ace Of Spades), its not that Kiss Of Death was bad, but following Inferno was very difficult. Motorizer is more or less on the same level as Kiss Of Death, probably slightly better IMO.
"I got a lot of really good ideas, problem is, most of them suck."
- George Carlin
19.12.2008 - 03:48
Totaly agree with this review and his rating. This dinos will rock forever
24.02.2014 - 16:50
Solid album, maybe my favorite of the newer era..

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