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Primordial - The Gathering Wilderness
7 February 2005

01. The Golden Spiral
02. The Gathering Wilderness
03. The Song Of The Tomb
04. End Of All Times (Martyr's Fire)
05. The Coffin Ships
06. Tragedy's Birth
07. Cities Carved In Stone

Primordial is back, after 3 years with almost no news from the band, they pulled this new album "The Gathering Wilderness" out of their sleeve. These Irish Metalheads always have delivered a particular Metal style, while not completely Folk or Celtic, they emit a epic vibe in every song, also, the band is not Black Metal definitively, although some shrieks can be heard throughout the album, the music that Primordial plays is definitively something unique and this album, is with no chance of doubt, a masterpiece.

The artwork and whole artistic concept of the album is simple, yet strikingly attractive to the eye. The black & white cover with the golden letters is just extraordinaire, the inside booklet is also astonishing; every detail has been taken care of, the result, a visual work of art.

But musically, the album has so much to offer also, sound wise the album is a cauldron of surprises, one after the other. Maybe the thing that stands out more is the fantastic vocals of A.A. Nemtheanga, he's very versatile when it comes to molding his voice according to the song, he can sound very dramatic, or very aggressive, he can grunt, growl or shriek, his clean voice is as good as his harsh one, just fantastic.

The album starts with "The Golden Spiral" a great opener song with awesome drumming, almost tribal sounding, a wall of guitars surround the song at all times, while vocals are dramatic and omnipresent. "The Gathering Wilderness" is a hymn to nature, an excellent song filled with mystic moments and calm parts, violins and acoustic guitars contribute to give to the song its fantastic atmosphere. "The Song Of The Tomb" speeds things a little, this up-tempo song is as great as the previous ones, again I listen with awe the vocals.
Vocals reach their dramatic peak in "End Of All Times (Martyr's Fire)" is just amazing what this guy can express with his gifted voice, "The Coffin Ships" is lengthy song (almost 10 minutes) and it has different moods and atmospheres, a multi-song in one track, here we get a "weepy" way of singing by Mr. Nemtheanga. Last two songs are also lengthy, but nevertheless, amazing, acoustic guitars, Black Metal shrieks and tribal percussion on "Tragedy's Birth" and Doomy feel and excellent songwriting on "Cities Carved In Stone".

What else can I say about this album, I can say this: is almost perfect, every detail, every song, each page of the booklet, the production, the musicianship, the songwriting, the creativity, each detail has been polished to the max. Definitively the best release of the year so far.

Band profile: Primordial
Album: The Gathering Wilderness


written by Undercraft | 06.03.2005


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Doc Godin - 11.06.2007 at 08:33  
other than the title track and 'The Coffin Ships' I found this album pretty boring. Ive listened to it a few times through but just cant get into it.
BloodTears - 24.11.2007 at 20:00  
I definately want this.
Njord - 15.12.2007 at 15:12  
This album is strange: despite is Primordial, looks like another band, because just one or two tracks creates the feelings present on Imrama, Journey's end or Spirit the earth aflame. It's a very trashy album, plenty of non-primordial ideas.
Thank God the new album (to the nameless dead) is a return to the past, although it haves one or two fillers.
Uirapuru - 08.11.2009 at 00:55  
I did not find this album such a masterpiece. The two first tracks ''Golden Spiral'' and ''Gathering Wilderness'' almost make me give up listening... boring to the almost extreme. The rest of the cd, on the other hand, has some of the best songs in their discography, like the Bathory-oriented ''Song Of The Tomb'' and the beautiful ''Coffin Ships''.

An 8 is a perfect rate for this very good album imo.
@gent_-_orange - 16.06.2011 at 03:52  
I used to hate this record a lot.... I found it tedious and boring... but now it has grown on me a hell of a lot and I now Think it is excellent 9/10 for this.
!J.O.O.E.! - 19.08.2014 at 13:36  
Risto - 19.08.2014 at 14:04  
This dude's obsession with Primordial is going a bit too far...
Daniell - 19.08.2014 at 15:45  
I wonder whether that amin guy knows which year it is now. Or which year that album was released...
Troy Killjoy - 19.08.2014 at 16:12  
Comment deleted. In case anyone wants to read it again, just go visit this review:
Daniell - 19.08.2014 at 16:27  
Written by Troy Killjoy on 19.08.2014 at 16:12

Comment deleted. In case anyone wants to read it again, just go visit this review:

That's the same review...

Not that I give a flying damn, but why was it deleted? It was funny.
Troy Killjoy - 19.08.2014 at 16:30  
Written by Daniell on 19.08.2014 at 16:27
That's the same review...

Not that I give a flying damn, but why was it deleted? It was funny.

Because copy-pasting someone's review as your own comment without providing a source is plagiarism. And while it's not the same as doing it with a review (which he tried to do, several times, for the same album) it's still frowned upon.
Daniell - 19.08.2014 at 17:28  
Fair enough, I was just curious.
Bad English - 13.07.2016 at 23:32  
This is best IMO, it introduced me to this band and also singer or dude who write lyric are awesome poet, deep and awesome lyrics here and generally into this band
Last 3 songs are awesome, but if all album can be rated as 10, last song like 10+ all is equal

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