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Band: Skindred
Album: Roots Rock Riot
Release date: 2007

01. Roots Rock Riot
02. Trouble
03. Rat Race
04. State Of Emergency
05. Alright
06. Destroy The Dancefloor
07. Rude Boy For Life
08. Killing Me
09. Spit Out The Poison
10. Cause Ah Riot
11. Ease Up
12. Choices And Decisions

Do you remember Dub War? Maybe that the young metalheads don't have any souvenirs about them but during the 90's they published a great hit, "Enemy Maker". Sure it was alternative and not "true" Metal but it was really original with an excellent black singer, Benji Webbe, who used to sing with a really cool ragga/reggae voice. Dub War is no more but Benji is still active and sings now in Skindred a band a lot more oriented toward the Metal direction. "Roots Rock Riot" is the second album of the combo and even if this release is a bit unequal, there are a lot of good things in it. If you want something original, I think that you should have a look at this CD!

If you're looking for Thrash or Death Metal, you're obviously knocking at the wrong door. That's right, Skindred is not for all the metalheads but really their music is cool and it's good to listen to it. Between Alternative Metal and Ragga/Reggae, "Roots Rock Riot" is breezy. The particularity of the band is to use Nu Metal riffs with in addition the voice of the singer which clearly sound Ragga. This is a bit disturbing at first but fun in the end and extremely catchy. The first three songs are pure hits; they're catchy as hell with a good groovy tempo, some strong riffs and the atypical voice (for a rock band) of Benji. On the other hand, if the album features really good tracks, some other songs are a lot more average and common and we have a big break in the middle of the album. Though the general ambiance of "Roots Rock Riot" is good and it's refreshing to listen to this kind of music sometime. You'll have to be really open-minded to enjoy the album but if you like original music have a look at this album.

Definitely the strong point of "Roots Rock Riot" is the voice of Benji Webbe. This guy, in the genre, is an amazing singer. His voice can be funky, ragga and even Metal sometime (when he uses to scream). The other guys are good musicians too and are able to play Hardcore stuff like Reggae ones without any problems. With a big production "Roots Rock Riot" doesn't have any big problems except this problem of inequality with some songs which are better than some others.

If you cannot stand ragga vocals you just have to run away as soon as possible but if you like groovy dancing music and like bands like RATM I invite you to discover Skindred with this new release (don't forget their first album "Babylon" which is also really good). "Roots Rock Riot" is a good way to change your mind and have a positive attitude, really this is good to listen to some different music sometime and Skindred is good to do something different keeping of course Rock roots.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 8
Songwriting: 7
Originality: 8
Production: 8

Written by Jeff | 04.11.2008



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05.11.2008 - 00:54
I listened to some songs on their myspace, and this sound quite awesome really. Great review as well, although the rating is a bit low compared to the contents, but that's just my opinion.
05.11.2008 - 02:00
Dane Train
Beers & Kilts
I have their first album and really like it. I always saw them as the bastard child of Korn and Bob Marley.
(space for rent)
05.11.2008 - 05:03
Account deleted
They're a fun band if you don't mind something new. G
05.11.2008 - 19:05
Oh sweet! i was wondering when they were gonna put something new out, i'll check it out.
Blat Blat
02.11.2009 - 23:01
I have their first album and it's absolutely amazing, this album blew me away. They took so much time working on it and it shows. They seem to be defining their style a lot more now and I can't wait for more. Skindred kicks ass! nice review
21.04.2013 - 17:17
Imo skindred are doing something very original, so what if it isnt "Trve"? its original and fresh, better then the unending waves of ameteur death and black being churned out, inb4 poser fingerpointing.

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