Kyuss - Blues For The Red Sun review


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Band: Kyuss
Album: Blues For The Red Sun
Release date: June 1992

01. Thumb
02. Green Machine
03. Molten Universe
04. 50 Million Year Trip (Downside Up)
05. Thong Song
06. Apothecaries' Weight
07. Caterpillar March
08. Freedom Run
09. 800
10. Writhe
11. Capsized
12. Allen's Wrench
13. Mondo Generator
14. Yeah

In 1992, Kyuss released their 3rd album "Blues for the Red Sun". Ditching their pseudo-punk sound for a much heavier, slower and down tuned one, Kyuss ended up pioneering a new genre which would later become known as stoner metal.
The album kicks off with "Thumb" which at first starts out with an undistorted electric guitar playing a soft yet dissonant melody. A few seconds in the drums and rhythm guitar come pounding in, giving a taste of what is to come while the melody is still being played. Then out of nowhere, the melody turns into an almost obnoxiously down tuned and distorted riff which has the force of a two ton beast of burden stomping towards your direction. On top of all of that John Garcia's voice rips through this thick and heavy stew of metal, instantly spear-heading the music. From then on in you're in pure stoner metal for the next 50 minutes.
Although the majority of the songs consist of these bass heavy powerful songs, there is at least one which stands out the most, of which would be "Green Machine". The song showcases the diversity that this style can be played. Rather than the slow and jammy numbers that this album is riddled with, "Green Machine" almost sounds like Deep Purples "Highway Star" with attitude; being just as rhythm driven and with perhaps even more catchy lyrics (sorry, no neo-classical solo though).
Speaking of the other tracks, songs like "Thong Song" (which has absolutely nothing to do with the Sisqo song) and "Mondo Generator" seem to really showcase the formula at its best. Unfortunately, some songs, just seem a bit too over drawn, either by going on for too long or just not being able to differentiate themselves enough from the previous track to be terrible enjoyable, although this effect occurs after listening to the album a few times in a row.
However, despite its somewhat predictable flaws (if said things aren't really your thing) "Blues for the Red Sun" really put stoner metal on the right foot and paved the way for many others to come afterward. Kyuss even paved the way to notoriety for some of their own members as Brad Holmes would later form the popular Queens of the Stone Age.

Written by Paradox0 | 03.12.2008


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