Black Label Society - 1919 Eternal review


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Band: Black Label Society
Album: 1919 Eternal
Release date: 2002

01. Bleed For Me
02. Lords Of Destruction
03. Demise Of Sanity
04. Life, Birth, Blood, Doom
05. Bridge To Cross
06. Battering Ram
07. Speedball
08. Graveyard Disciples
09. Genocide Junkies
10. Lost Heaven
11. Refuse To Bow Down
12. Mass Murder Machine
13. Berserkers
14. America The Beautiful
15. Llabdeeps [Japanese bonus]

After the relative disappointment of Ozzy Osbourne's last album 'Down To Earth', you can't help but think that Ozzy should have allowed Zakk Wylde help through the writing stages. Black Label Society's fourth album, '1919 Eternal' certainly comes up with the goods this time. While the songs may not suit Ozzy exclusively, there's no denying that Zakk comes up with the riffs and the songs.

This album is a culmination of all the good things B.L.S. has to offer (Riffs, aggression and the take no shit stance), but it also happens to be the most accessible and rounded effort to date. None of that trademark heaviness has disappeared, and no further proof is needed beyond the opening track 'Bleed For Me'. Zakk's voice just seems to get better with each album. 'Lords Of Destruction' features some cool vocal effects working in tandem with the guitars, while 'Demise Of Sanity' stomps along in true sing along style. 'Life, Birth, Blood, Doom' is a low down grinder that would make Metallica squirm these days. 'Bridge To Cross' treads familiar territory in the mellow song stakes. Zakk puts a commendable performance as a Neil Young clone. There's no mistaking what a song called 'Battering Ram' is going to sound like, and it lives up to its threat. 'Speedball' is a short instrumental finger picking exercise that leads into 'Graveyard Disciples' (Another cool mid paced number). 'Genocide Junkies' has a feel good swagger that simply oozes attitude. 'Lost Heaven', another slower song, gives Zakk the chance to prove he can sing. It's a shame he hasn't really done anything like this since 'Book Of Shadows'. 'Refuse To Bow Down' is as heavy as anything from B.L.S.'s first album, while 'Mass Murder Machine' is certainly catchy through the choruses. 'Berserkers' is as close to Ozzy as Zakk will ever get on the album. So much so he even sounds like him in places! Closing the album is Zakk's interpretation of 'America The Beautiful' on acoustic guitar. It's a strange ending, but cool nether less.

Zakk pretty much plays everything on the album, bar drums, and it shows he knows exactly what he wants from his albums. Fans of Zakk, Ozzy or B.L.S. won't be let down with this album.

Written by Justin | 02.09.2003


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