Lake Of Tears - Black Brick Road review


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Band: Lake Of Tears
Album: Black Brick Road
Release date: August 2004

01. The Greymen
02. Making Evenings
03. Black Brick Road
04. Dystopia
05. The Organ
06. A Trip With The Moon
07. Sister Sinister
08. Rainy Day Away
09. Crazyman

The one and only Lake of Tears is back again, finally.
It's now two years ago the chocking and terrible news about the decision Lake of Tears took, to split up, and after two years of sorrow, a fantastic news reached us, Lake of Tears are back, and now it have happen, they are really back, and their new album is out too, can it be better?

But then, we all must remember that their last album "The Neonai" sounded very odd to what Lake of Tears is famous for, so how will they sound now? After two years of silence?
There are a lot of expectations on the band, that's for sure, I mean, my expectations is higher than the Effie tower.
Can they really redeem our expectations? Can that be possible?
The answer is, yes, they can, with a little odd but still a "safe" album, they do.

"Black Brick Road" will not go down in history as the most spectacular album the guys done, but it's still a very strong comeback album, an album that's needed to build up some trust in our Metal world.
But it might not bring so many new fans to the crowd, but it will surely please the old fans, because a new Lake of Tears album, however it sounds, is the best present you can get.

The music is somewhere between "The Neonai" and "Crimson Cosmos", the very sad and emotional music from "Forever Autumn" isn't really visible here, this is more "happy", and faster, almost like "The Neonai", but without the super-electro part, that I know many didn't like at all.
Some songs here also could also fit on "Crimson Cosmos" as said, but generally, it feels more like a successor to "The Neonai", the song "A Trip With the Moon" is a good example, it sounds like a sister song to "Nathalie And the Fireflies".
But it's a successor that's on it's way both against the old days and against a new, unexplored side.

But there are also parts that's so not Lake of Tears, like in the opener, "The Greyman", there are some strange sounds there, that I never heard before, but then you come to the third song, the title track, and you recognize everything that Lake of Tears are about.
So it's a very swinging album, with many fantastic parts but also some strange one, like the song "Sister Sinister" that I can't, however I try, to get a grip on, very strange song.

Another thing that's change is Brennare's playing, now it's more solos in a usual Metal/Rock way, that's wasn't used on the older album, but that's something that some will like and some not, I don't think someone will start hating LoT for that.
Then another thing that's must be said is the production, it's fantastic, crystal-clear sound, with a perfect mix between all instruments, an album you can play on high volume without disturbing your neighbour (But who could be disturbed by Lake of Tears?).

So overall, this album is a "safe" one from the boys, I don't blame them, I think it's a smart choice, but I hope for more spectacular albums in the future, I know you can better Brennare.
I don't think I need to recommend this one to anyone, because all fans will buy it, and I have hard to think that many others every will care about Lake of Tears, but I hope I'm wrong, because this is the best band in they world, and I hope everyone will discover that soon.

Check Out: "Black Brick Road", "Dystopia", "The Greyman", "The Organ" & "Rainy Day Away". But don't forget the rest of the album, like "Nathalie and the Fireflies" sister song "A Trip to the Moon" (they sounds very alike) or the strange opener "The Greyman". Oh, why am I doing this? Check them all out for Christ sake.

Written by Malcolm | 13.09.2004


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I was expecting this album for a long time, being really anxious about a possible come-back. And this year, Mr. Brennare and his company came to rehearse just for old time's memories. Things went good; they began working on a new album. This "Black Brick Road".

In a way, it brings something new. I was wondering how a new Lake of Tears album would sound like, mainly after the release of "The Neonai" album. Well, for those of you who know that album, I must say it sounds a bit like that. But not exactly. I remember the day after the first listenings of Black Brick Road. I wake up in the morning and I said that this last album sounds more like "A Crimson Cosmos". For sure, there are some moments where this album resembles of Crimson Cosmos. Well, I was in doubt reading on a site that they played Boogie Bubble in the beginning of their gig at Sweden Rock, this summer. What was the explanation then? The answer is up to anyone.

published 13.08.2004 | Comments (0)

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