Farmakon - Robin review


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Band: Farmakon
Album: Robin
Release date: February 2007

01. Time-Tables
02. Coma September
03. Sixty-Nine
04. Faint Light
05. Recondite
06. Wings
07. A Temporary Death
08. Helpless
09. Monster
10. The Mentally Disabled And The Artist

So I'm laying there in bed watching the news with the television on mute and my psp tuned into Snakenet when along comes Farmakon. Most of the stuff that passes for metal on Snakenet usually ranges from the absurd to complete non-nonsensical gibberish, but Farmakon made me sit up and take notice. First off, the vocals are brutal screaming, but with further listening you'll discover some freaky dual channel vocal mixes along with the normal mellower passages. There's definitely an Opeth flavor there, but Farmakon manage to retain their own sound and style.

The music is nothing short of progressive metal bordering on experimental. Did I hear someone blaring away on a trombone?!?!?! This band is full of unexpected surprises throughout. The mellower passages are very reminiscent of Opeth which usually end up plunging headlong into some freaky progressive metal time changes. About the time you expect the normal cliché metal riffing, you'll get something completely unexpected. There's almost a Brazilian bossa nova type feel to some of the mellower passages.

The progressive metal drummers out there will admire Riku Airisto's style. This guy is all over the place. He reminds me somewhat of Gene Hoglin or Richard Christy from Death, maybe even Martin Lopez from Opeth.

I have a hard time believing Toni Salminen does all that guitar work himself because there's a lot going on with the cd Robin. I could have sworn there were two guitarists going at it with all the soloing and different sounds and time changes. Color me impressed Toni!

Progressive metal fans won't want to miss this unique experience. I'm still somewhat in shock after my first listen through. If this band can keep the lineup from Robin together for their next release it should be a monster.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 10
Songwriting: 10
Originality: 9
Production: 8

Written by ponderer | 20.05.2009


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