The Ruins Of Beverast - Foulest Semen Of A Sheltered Elite review

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Band: The Ruins Of Beverast
Album: Foulest Semen Of A Sheltered Elite
Release date: September 2009

01. I Raised This Stone As A Ghastly Memorial
02. Alu
03. God's Ensanguined Bestiaries
04. Mount Sinai Moloch
05. Transcending Saturnine Iericho Skies
06. Kain's Countenance Fell
07. The Restless Mills
08. Theriak - Baal - Theriak
09. Blood Vaults (II - Our Despots Cleanse The Levant)
10. Arcane Pharmakon Messiah
11. (untitled) [Vinyl bonus]

He has done it again. Alexander Von Meilenwald has put out another brilliant Black metal opus. I am now fully convinced that this man is a musical genius. I know reviewers need to maintain a sense of objectivity, but we also need to recognize brilliant music whenever it slaps us in the face and have the balls to spread the word. And well, this is us fucking wreckingball.

The Ruins Of Beverast, the name of Alex' one-man-project, hit the scene already with the critically acclaimed Unlock The Shrine and the lesser (yet still impressive) Rain Upon The Impure. It has been three years since Rain..., but the new album Foulest Semen Of A Sheltered Elite immediately shows it has been worth the wait. Opener "I Raised This Stone As A Ghastly Memorial" is a ten-minute monster of a song with everything that Ruins is known for, and more. The song contains Alex' ever-interesting, heroic yet droning, circulating riffs and epic solos, carefully crafted ambient additions, ritualistic chants, Von Meilenwald's impressive shrieks, a ghastly atmosphere and... a ton of Doom. Doom? Yes. Foulest Semen Of A Sheltered Elite contains a ton of doomier and slower riffs that give the album a mesmerizing and haunting vibe.

"I Raised This Stone As A Ghastly Memorial" is the album's best song, which inevitably means that the rest of the album is weaker, but the 'drop' in quality is minimal. Every song is a real killer and throughout the album's whopping eighty minutes there's not even the scent of filler present. Follow-up "God's Ensanguined Bestiaries" ("Alu" is just an interlude) contains the aforementioned elements, now coated in anger and hate, showcasing the other side of the album. Throughout the album the doomier, slower parts carefully alternate with the angrier, hateful parts, topped off by impressive clean vocals, resulting in a varying, vibrant album. Oh, and if you are a bit worried about the production, you should know that Foulest Semen Of A Sheltered Elite has a production miles away from Rain..., it's spacious and 'light' production could even be called 'inviting'.

For some, no matter how good the music, eighty minutes is simply too long. Well, my regret goes out to you, but I can to some degree understand your sentiments. I still urge you to give this album a try, listen only to half of it if really necessary. If you have a thing for Black and an itch for good ole Doom and dread, you will not be disappointed.

Ladies, gents... after Srontgorrth (Nagelfar), Unlock The Shrine and Rain Upon The Impure, he's done it again. Is this the Black metal album of the year? Quite likely so, in my opinion. Play it loud.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 9
Songwriting: 10
Originality: 8
Production: 9


Written on 04.10.2009 by If you're interested in extreme, often emotional and underground music, check out my reviews. I retired from reviewing, but I really used to be into that stuff.

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Black Metal outfit The Ruins Of Beverast need no special introduction. The great Alexander von Meilenwald (formerly of Nagelfar) has been making masterpiece after masterpiece for over 13 years now. But he really reached the peak with Foulest Semen Of A Sheltered Elite.

Now incorporating more doom elements than ever, RoB has a new sound, with a MUCH much more polished production. Adding a lot more clean vocals, which I enjoy, that add to that more doomier sound. It also features pretty great guitar solos. This album is a huge improvement over Rain Upon The Impure. While a very different album, you can't deny that this is another masterpiece.

published 27.02.2017 | Comments (3)


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04.10.2009 - 20:12
Dudeist Priest'
I'll check it out tomorrow for sure! Or at least half of it
That rug really tied the room together, did it not?
04.10.2009 - 20:30
Unlock The Shrine is one of my favorite black metal albums.Rain upon the impure was also amazing. Still have not picked this up yet, but will soon. Sounds great!
I will kill you so hard you will die to death.
04.10.2009 - 22:51
Doc G.
Full Grown Hoser
I repeat Lucas, you always get the albums with bullshit awesome cover artwork. By the sounds of it the music matches the artwork for quality.
"I got a lot of really good ideas, problem is, most of them suck."
- George Carlin
04.10.2009 - 23:39
Heaven Knight
Another item in "have to listen asap" checklist
So behold the flight of the sapphire dragon
soaring through the skies once again

05.10.2009 - 17:17
Anyone know of a place where I can listen to these guys? I'm very curious.
05.10.2009 - 17:57
Mr. Noise
Written by Ascendant187 on 05.10.2009 at 17:17

Anyone know of a place where I can listen to these guys? I'm very curious.


The track "Blood Vaults" is new.
SLUDGE. DOOM. DEATH. Wait, what?

"The reason I'm running for president is because I can't be Bruce Springsteen." - Barack Obama
08.10.2009 - 22:18
Consider me intrigued. nice work on the review.
get the fuck off my lawn.
09.10.2009 - 02:41
Pretty cool, especially the ritualistic chants haha. Anyone know any bands similar to this?
12.10.2009 - 22:08
Great album indeed
22.10.2009 - 14:13
Merchant of Doom
I couldn't last the course... too boring and samey for me, but it's a great album if you like this stuff...
20.05.2010 - 02:03
Account deleted
I can seriously say that this is one of the most brilliant pieces of 2009. My favorite moment would be the ominous chant of "Box sanguinis fratris tui clamat ad me de terra!" on the song 'Kain's Countenance Fell'.
31.10.2010 - 06:01
God, this album is some excellent stuff. One of the finest works I have ever heard. I feel odd whenever I listen to it, but it doesn't change my liking of it.
06.10.2011 - 02:25
Marcel Hubregtse
Grumpy Old Fuck
Great album, terrible cover art.
Member of the true crusade against European Flower Metal

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28.10.2012 - 16:36
Written by Guest on 20.05.2010 at 02:03

I can seriously say that this is one of the most brilliant pieces of 2009. My favorite moment would be the ominous chant of "Box sanguinis fratris tui clamat ad me de terra!" on the song 'Kain's Countenance Fell'.

It should be *Vox sanguinis fratris tui clamat ad me de terra, but either way it's Latin for "The voice of your brother's blood cries to me from the Earth"
The more you know
This is the water, and this is the well
Drink full and descend
The horse is the white of the eyes, and dark within
21.08.2015 - 17:55
Written by Marcel Hubregtse on 06.10.2011 at 02:25

Great album, terrible cover art.

Yup terrible, and how about your rating for this album ?

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