Vox Tempus - In The Eye Of Time review


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Band: Vox Tempus
Album: In The Eye Of Time
Release date: 2004

01. For Every Life
02. Escape
03. Broken
04. Foreshadows
05. Revelations
06. What About
07. Voice Of Time
08. Love, Lies And Treason
09. Steal The Moment

If you are one of our faithful readers, maybe you remember a review that I did some time before… In fact this review was about the promo cd of the upcoming album of a Prog band with only 3 titles on it. I was really impress by the three songs and after that the review was on line I asked to Eric [Keyboards] if he could send me the full length cd when it will be ready. Nicely, Eric said to me that without any problems he could send it, and some weeks later I received "In The Eye Of Time" the first album of the combo. And well this is not a surprise, if the three songs of the promo was great, the six others of the album are just only magic. Guys and girls I'm proud to present you one of the best and most promising Progressive band from USA, Vox Tempus.

I said it before in my first review, but well I will remember it to you, for sure if you are a fan of Fate Warning, Rush or Queensryche, this album is a must have. The guys of the band are just some really great musicians and the musical general level is just impressive. A great singer with a really nice voice, a great guitarist who is able to do, in addition of the very nice and melodic riffs, amazing solo, a great bassist and a very good keyboardist that's the member of Vox Tempus. Of course to be a good musicians is not equal to good music each time, because you must also know how to write good and catchy songs and here again there is no problems with the band. All the songs are more than well written, catchy, beautiful, you could find powerful songs like the excellent "For Every Life", very progressive ones like "Revelations" with a lot of keyboards on it or beautiful ballads like "Broken". In fact there is all that we need when we want to listen to a good cd of Prog. They understood it and they knew how to do the perfect album of Prog Metal.
If with all that, I add that the professional production [Booklet, Sound etc…] of the cd is perfect, that we have a sound which will never suffer of any comparisons with the best most famous bands of the genre, you will understand that we have here a little jewel of Metal, this kind of first release that's almost impossible to find. This band is classy no more…

I was sure when I listened to the promo cd, that we could have something great with this band, now I have the confirmation, "In The Eye Of Time" is a pure masterpiece of Progressive Metal. I recommend it to all the ones who like this kind of music and to all the ones who like melodic Metal in general. No doubt that this album will be in my top 3 of the best progressive album of the year. Guys and girls, now when you'll have to talk about Prog, you couldn't forget Vox Tempus. Their first album is a must have, nothing more…

Written by Jeff | 19.11.2004


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