Dark Tranquillity - Lost To Apathy review

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Band: Dark Tranquillity
Album: Lost To Apathy
Release date: November 2004

01. Lost To Apathy
02. Derivation TNB
03. The Endless Feed [Chaos Seed remix version]
04. UnDo Control [live]
+ Lost To Apathy (video)
+ DT screensaver

Character is coming soon, fans can't hold on anymore, and Dark Tranquillity doesn't know what else to do to appease the fans' hunger. After the DVD, Damage Live, the rare tracks compilation Exposures, now comes this EP/Single. I don't know how to call it, since it is supposed to be an EP, but contains two tracks that will be released on the upcoming album ('Lost To Apathy' and 'The Endless Feed'), just like a single album. Anyway, this EP is a preview of what's expecting us on the new album, and thus we have some answers to all the questions we can ask ourselves: has Dark Tranquillity changed once more? One step further in their evolution? Will they dominate the world? Beer or wine? Has the In Flames syndrome affected them?

Lost To Apathy (the album) provides the beginning of a reply to some of these questions. Obviously they don't follow In Flames' path, I don't know about world domination, and I like beer better. 'Lost To Apathy' (the song) doesn't really show a huge evolution, since it has the sound, the style of Damage Done. Plus, with a chorus à la 'Monochromatic Stains', it is assured to be a groundbreaker. 'Lost To Apathy' is a very good and catchy song that will undoubtedly be one of the highlights of the next album. However, going a bit deeper into this song, I can say that some older elements reappear. I'm not talking about the first and second period (Skydancer, The Gallery and The Mind's I). This song is reminiscent of Projector in some aspects, like the riff sounding like that of 'The Sun Fired Blanks' or 'Doberman'. In addition, the greater use of keyboards reminds of the Haven album, and songs like 'The Wonders At Your Feet'. In other words, 'Lost To Apathy' is a summary of all they've done well in their latest period.

That's not all, of course. We have then a more experimental side of Dark Tranquillity, thanks to Martin Brändström who produced the other two songs. First, 'Derivation tnb' melts a remix of passages taken from various songs featured on Character. Evidently, since I've not heard the next album yet, I can't tell which songs are concerned. To give you an idea of how this sounds like, remember the closing instrumental 'Ex Nihilo' from Damage Done, add whispered vocals and a lot of electronic sounds. This is not your everyday Dark Tranquillity, this is not even a real song, this is very short, but this is interesting anyway. So is the last song taken from Character, 'The Endless Feed'. This version is not the one that will appear on the album, as it's been remixed -again- by Martin Brändström. The result is very electronic and kind of strange even for Dark Tranquillity. This version is good, but I guess the real song should be even better...

Then we have the bonuses. 'Undo Control' live, ok guys that's cool but we already have it on the Damage Live DVD and also on Exposures CD2. I would have preferred something more surprising. There's also the video clip, but I don't want to talk about it (that's a way to say my miserable and hateful portable computer refuses to read it), and a nice screensaver with a slideshow of live shots taken this year during festivals. Way better than my usual labyrinth or these fucking fishes.

Finally, instead of making me wait patiently, 'Lost To Apathy' spurred my interest, since I now would like to know which aspect of this EP represents best Character. Anyway, this is a good commercial call, because the songs featured here are excellent. I didn't really need that, but I can't wait until January.

Written by Deadsoulman | 06.12.2004


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