Elvira Madigan - Witches - Salem (1692 Vs 2001) review


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Band: Elvira Madigan
Album: Witches - Salem (1692 Vs 2001)
Release date: 2001

01. Anno Domini 1232
02. Orroborros & The Pilgrim
03. Lilliannah - Demonologi...
04. Nocturne
05. Crestfallen
06. Kvinnorovet
07. Häxor, Maror Och Vittror
08. Djävulens Novis
09. Ecclesia Non Novit Sanguinem?
10. Interludium I
11. The Kindred (Salem 1692)
12. Ritual (Varsel del 1)
13. Gregory IX
14. Dark Is The Seraphim
15. Honeythorne

OK, Ive written this review almost 3 times over now, not because I don't know what to say about Elvira Madigans newest album 'witches', but because as it plays in the background, I find something else I like about it that I have to mention!

This is the first encounter I have ever had with Elvira Madigan, up until now I was completely unaware of their existence, and was sent the CD (cheers Ivan) in the knowledge that id enjoy it. I have to admit, its fucking superb.

Elvira Madigan is a one man band, created and excellently executed by Marcus Hammarstrom. He is a brilliant musician, and is very skilled at all instruments heard on the album such as guitar (both electric and acoustic), bass, keys, vocals and drum programming. I usually cringe at the sound of drum machines, but the sound on here is very natural and not plastic sounding like most other bands implementing a drum machine.

I have to hand it to Elvira Madigen, it's one of the best solo acts Ive ever heard, unlike most one man acts, it sounds like a full band and sounds as though there is more than one persons influences being poured through the speakers.

The music itself is for most of the part is very melodic black metal with excellent grim vocals and beautiful clean vocals. The sweeping and majestic keyboards make for a very emotional feel, something I think a lot of black metal bands are simply not capable of achieving these days.

With 15 tracks on the album, and a total of 62 minutes worth of music, there is plenty to comment on, and indeed much metal to enjoy. It is all brilliant stuff, but stand out tracks for me are 'Haxor, Maror Och Vittror' 'Lilliannah - Demonologi For Domda' and 'The Kindred (1692)'. There is heaps of excellent music here so I'm sure my fav tracks with change with each listen!

The production is warm and thick and lets all instruments thrive and be heard clearly. Even the artwork on this album is worth a mention (the front cover picture is by the most well-known fantasy artist Luis Royo), its just one of those albums that leaves you breathless, and in my opinion is a CD which everyone should experience.

Written by Dale | 18.12.2004


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