Lacrimas Profundere - ...And The Wings Embraced Us review


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Band: Lacrimas Profundere
Album: ...And The Wings Embraced Us
Release date: 1995

01. Snow
02. Perfume Of Withered Roses
03. Amorous
04. Eternal Sleep
05. Autumn Morning
06. Embracing Wings

Lacrimas Profundere were formed back in 1993 by Oliver Schmid, guitarist of the band, and his brother Christopher followed him becoming the singer of the band. After several changes in their line-up, Lacrimas Profundere reach 1995 with Anja Hötzendorfer becoming member of the band playing the violin and doing the female vocals leading to the recording of their debut album, "…And The Wings Embraced Us", a beautiful-sounding hybrid of classical influences and doom/death metal with a fragile gothic touch showing that the band would have so much to offer in this genre in the forthcoming future.

Their sound for the current time is quite various with the use of the violin and the flute, some female vocals, Christopher's clear reciting vocals and deep grunts, the slow doomy guitar riffing and the imposing accompanying rhythm section evoking an intense sense of drama in the air strengthened with the poetically written esoteric lyrics. My Dying Bride and Anathema influences can be heard here and there, but the band doesn't copy them, all they do is harmonizing their influences with their very own personal ideas expressing themselves travelling us in a world of deep emotions.

"…And the Wings Embraced Us" as "Snow" kept on falling and its fading snow-leafs covered our souls. A really beautiful opening for the album with inspired and atmosphere-evoking guitar work accompanying Christopher's deep grunting voice letting the album flow as "The Perfume Of Wild Roses" surrounds the listener. The violin and the piano's bittersweet melodies whenever they enter the song they enrich the dramatic atmosphere evoked mainly by the doomy guitar sound and the awesome grunting voice of Christopher interpreting in an utterly descriptive way the poetic lyrics making "The Perfume Of The Withered Roses" a really wonderful song. "Amorous" follows filled with heart-rending violin pieces here and there lowering the tones at times whilst the guitars at others in perfect harmony with Christopher's grunts or imposing yet so emotional recites escalate the emotional charge of the song.

As the album goes on "Eternal Sleep" starts embracing you keeping the quality of the album, musical and emotional, in high standards with the piano and the violin enriching with their bleak melodies caressing your aching soul as the guitars pace with Christopher's utterly expressive voice letting a grey "Autumn Morning" come at all its emotional glory and darken even more the dying horizon. The violin for one more time plays an important role in this composition adding another melancholic sense in the air; the guitar work is wonderful and paves the way on which Christopher's vocals will step to escalate the song interpreting in an emotional descriptive way, as always. The ideal ending for such an emotionally charged album is the fabulous and tear-caressed "Embracing Wings" with the bleeding piano pieces and windy keyboard melodies and FX leaving you quivering in the frost as you slowly see the end approaching, the black light lowering…

"…And The Wings Embraced Us" is a really wonderful debut album of a really wonderful band that made their first steps in the doom metal scene back in 1995; it's worthy checking it out.


Written on 03.01.2005 by "It is myself I have never met, whose face is pasted on the underside of my mind."


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