Kreator - Enemy Of God
17 January 2005

Disc I
01. Enemy Of God
02. Impossible Brutality
03. Suicide Terrorist
04. World Anarchy
05. Dystopia
06. Voices Of The Dead
07. Murder Fantasies
08. When Death Takes Its Dominion
09. One Evil Comes (A Million Follow)
10. Dying Race Apocalypse
11. Under A Total Blackened Sky
12. The Ancient Plague

[Bonus tracks]
13. Toxic Trace [Live in Busan, Korea]
14. Coma Of Souls [Live in Busan, Korea]
15. Impossible Brutality [Video] [Regular edition bonus]

Disc II [Re-issue digipack DVD]
[Live at Wacken 2005]
01. The Patriarch
02. Enemy Of God
03. Impossible Brutality
04. Pleasure To Kill
05. Phobia
06. Violent Revolution
07. Suicide Terrorist
08. Extreme Aggression
09. People Of The Lie
10. Voices Of The Dead
11. Terrible Certainty
12. Betrayer
13. Flag Of Hate
14. Tormentor

[Live At The Rockpalast]
01. Reconquering The Throne
02. Renewal
03. Servant In Heaven - King In Hell

+ Enemy Of God
+ Dystopia
+ Impossible Brutality
+ Dying Race Apocalypse
+ Making Of Enemy Of God

They are back !!! The great Thrash combo from Germany Kreator is back !!! And for sure with this new album "Enemy Of God", Mr Mille Petrozza and his band mates will show one more time, 20 years after their first release "Endless Pain", that the band is always one of the greatest of the entire Metal History. After Exodus, Death Angel and etc, last year, 2005 will do a great start with this great album of Thrash, a must have for all the fans of this excellent music. If you are a fan of Thrash, of Kreator or simply a real fan of Metal… "Enemy Of God" is made for you…

Like with Sodom, Megadeth or Exodus, a new album of Kreator is always a real event. The question is to know if they release something in the real spirit of Thrash Metal or no, if they always keep their great musical way of composition etc. If you really need an answer right now, I will give you one, don't worry with "Enemy Of God" Kreator shows that after 20 years of music, they are definitely not dead, at the opposite…
All the compositions of this album are great, it's really excellent to see that all the songs of this album are more than catchy and well done. That's not really new with Kreator, but with "Enemy Of God" you could see that the band is maybe better than ever. Great melodies, fantastic guitars solo [Thanks to Mr Sami Yli-Sirino], more than catchy choruses, great engaged lyrics etc, no really I can't find anything wrong in this album. That's pleasure nothing more…
If the first songs of the album, like "Enemy of God", "Impossible Brutality" or "Suicide Terrorist" smell the good old Thrash metal, some songs at the end of the album are maybe a bit more in the spirit of the "melodic" Metal that we all know nowadays. Don't worry it's not a bad point, because after all it's Thrash don't worry, but for some arrangements, it's maybe more in the spirit of for example some Melodic Death Metal bands that we have today. But I say it again, it's Thrash metal before all and it's a great Thrash but just a bit more melodic and well it's not a bad point at the opposite, it's just maybe a bit more easy of access for some of you.
"Enemy Of God" is a great album, with a great cover, an excellent production by Mr Andy Sneap [Ex Sabbat]. You will see, Enemy Of God deserve to be in your records collection, with its 12 fantastic songs.

I have nothing more to say, I only ask you to buy this new Kreator. In two words, for the ones who know the band, we are back in the great years [remember the "Extreme Aggression" and others "Coma Of Souls"] but all that is maybe a bit more melodic, and don't worry, that's not a problem at all...
Thrash Metal fans, Metalheads of all the horizons, I have only one thing to say to you, buy "Enemy Of God" or die !!!

Band profile: Kreator
Album: Enemy Of God


written by Jeff | 03.01.2005

Guest review by

I'm a fan of Kreator's work, but their recent stuff has been bothering me. Before I bought the album, the title track from "Enemy Of God" sounded pretty awesome. Unfortunately, after buying "Enemy Of God Revisited" (which was a great buy simply because of the live footage) and listening to Enemy Of God in full, I felt let down. Allow me to elaborate:

published 14.08.2007 | Comments (27)


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florin - 07.07.2006 at 10:25  
As Jeff said.." THEY ARE BACK!!! " and they kick ass !!!
Great review, for a great album.
It's so good to see one of the " old school thrash bands" getting back so big.
Paganblood - 02.02.2007 at 13:04  
As said above , great review for a great album
Paganblood - 02.02.2007 at 13:06  
P.S. this is the first thrash metal album I liked!
ThrashMetal_Rulz - 17.03.2007 at 06:19  
Great album! My favourite from 2005 .
Xtreme Jax - 18.03.2007 at 06:30  
For an album that costed me the massive amount of $45 (with bonus dvd).. it had to be good..

.. And it was. Really catchy with the choruses sticking in your head. I'd give it a rating of 8.
Doc Godin - 29.04.2007 at 00:27  
I didnt like this album at first, but im listening to it right now and im addicted. But not worth a 9.....probably an 8.
Warman - 29.04.2007 at 16:10  
By far the best album by the second best band in the world according to me! I was literally stunned when I heard this album, it's a fucking thrash masterpiece, I just love the melodic style of it!
BloodTears - 28.08.2007 at 19:07  
It's an amazing thrash album. I dont think there's any doubt about it.
Dreamwar_86 - 17.10.2007 at 21:41  
amazing album the opener is awesome
trapedINaCORNER - 13.01.2008 at 15:10  
Wat a 9? This sounds thrash, melodic and so angry. The lyrics are great and Mille's vocals remain outstanding. Maybe the best on top with extreme aggression.
Marcel Hubregtse - 13.01.2008 at 15:36  
Written by Guest on 13.01.2008 at 15:10

Wat a 9?

Yeah, so what's wrong with a 9? Are you one of those people that thinks that every good album deserves a 10?
Hell, even Number Of The Beast doesn't deserve a 10 because of it's non-good moments.
BurbotsRevenge - 05.03.2008 at 08:12  
good review, good album, glad to see them back to form

Nicko's Nose - 05.08.2009 at 07:43  
Great album, but I think it's too melodic! I never thought I would say that about an album because I love melodic metal more than anything, but this album is too melodic because a lot of the melodies/melodic riffs really aren't that memorable... The first 6 songs are the best. The other songs are good, but they have a bit too many parts that sound like parts that would fit well in gothenburg metal songs. I like gothenburg metal, but not on a thrash metal album.
Hermann Langke - 11.10.2009 at 18:21  
That is a god-damn great album..........:necro:
Uirapuru - 25.05.2010 at 15:20  
Probably this being my first Kreator album blinded me a little for its defects..

I really agree with the review and the rating.

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