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Band: Ingrimm
Album: Böses Blut
Release date: May 2010

01. Die Pest
02. Tempus Fugit
03. Böses Blut
04. Eisenwind
05. Stella Maris
06. Stein Auf Stein
07. Ad Bestias
08. Der Rabe
09. Mörder
10. Wasser Zu Wasser
11. Flammenfest

First of all yes, where reviewing is concerned I've been pretty inactive during the last couple months. I know you all really missed my exact and picturesque descriptions of albums and my witty verdicts, but fear not dear readers, your suffering has come to an end!

Right, now for actual content. Ingrimm is a young German band that would very much like to be In Extremo, one of the better known metal acts in German-speaking countries. In case you know them, Ingrimm is pretty much the same stuff mixed with some extreme elements (growls, fast drumming). For those who don't, the defining points of the music are the heavy, modern and electric sounding riffs (not incomparable to Rammstein), the hoarse, gritty German vocals (not completely incomparable to Rammstein either actually) and bagpipes. Add some of the aforementioned growls and occasionally extreme drumming and we're pretty much there.

What Ingrimm try to create is a bridge between medieval music and modern metal, spanning both the melodic and extreme sides of the pond. In reality their music isn't nearly as interesting though. Their musical delivery is good, but the songwriting is rather simple and greatly lacks in the variation department. At least it's something else then the X-hundredth copy of those certain folk metal bands that shall not be named in this review, but still the music starts losing its appeal pretty fast.

I'm sure that they'll find a small audience with this release (based mostly on the popularity of In Extremo) and they might be a good band to bring some variety into the early after noon of a folk metal festival but that's pretty much it for now. Maybe they'll find the courage to experiment a bit more on their next album and if they do it might be more interesting than this rather forgettable effort.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 7
Songwriting: 6
Originality: 6
Production: 7

Written by Bas | 30.08.2010



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30.08.2010 - 17:50
I only know their first two albums. The first album was brilliant, the combination of extreme elements with medieval metal worked extremely well and gave them a special edge within all those stereotypical medieval metal bands. The second album however was totally bland. They still had those elements and according to your review they still have them, but the songwriting was just totally boring and run-of-the-mill. It's a pity to read that they apparently haven't changed between the second and third album.
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06.09.2010 - 22:05
I heard a bit at Wacken last year and it was pretty good. Too bad this doesn't seem to be the case on cd

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