Quo Vadis - Defiant Indoctrination review


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Band: Quo Vadis
Album: Defiant Indoctrination
Release date: 2005

Disc I
01. Quo Vadis Homine
02. Silence Calls The Storm
03. In Contempt
04. Absolution (Element Of The Ensemble III)
05. Pantheon Of Tears
06. To The Bitter End
07. Carpae Deum
08. Point Of No Return: Mute Requiem

Disc II
01. In Articulo Mortis
02. Fate's Descent
03. Vital Signs
04. On The Shores Of Ithaka
05. Tunnel Effect (Element Of The Ensemble IV)
06. Inner Capsule (Element Of The Ensemble II)
07. Dead Man's Diary
08. Ego Intuo Et Servo Te
09. Legions Of The Betrayed
10. Break The Cycle

Disc III
+ Bonus Drum Footage - Entire Show

In my treasure chest of Metal DVDs, Defiant Indoctrination is my most prized possession. Why? Simply because this DVD delivers a lot of great moments and the level of energy showcased is hard to ignore. The music itself is one of the most achieved technical death metal I have seen on stage. The band has great synergy, every member has great charisma and the venue is perfect for the show (The now defunct theatre Le Medley in Montreal, Quebec).

The set-list is mostly from Defiant Imagination of course, but as hard as it is to believe with Quo Vadis, the live rendition of the songs is way more impressive. Singer Stéphane Paré kicks off the show with fans favourite "Silence Calls The Storm" and its enormous opening growl and everything is set in motion. From the neck-wrecking bass lines of Dominic Lapointe to the herculean performance of drummer extraordinaire Yanic Bercier, this show is killer. Add to that the hypnotic chemistry between guitar players Bart Frydrychowicz and William Seghers and about all of their best songs performed in front of their home crowd, and you get close to the perfect mark. Guitarist Alex Auburn of Cryptopsy fame also enhances the end of the show with his guest performance.

At the end of the day, I absolutely love Defiant Indoctrination. As far as technical death metal goes, this DVD is the reference. And yes, you can watch the whole show from the drummer cam; that is if you want to be blow away to pieces like never before.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 10
Songwriting: 9
Originality: 8
Production: 10


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20.09.2010 - 05:11
I agree 100%. Great live sound and a killer performance all around. Without a doubt the best live metal DVD I own.

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