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Band: Extol
Album: The Blueprint Dives
Release date: February 2005

01. Gloriana
02. Soul Deprived
03. In Reversal
04. Pearl
05. From The Everyday Mountain Top
06. Another Adam's Escape
07. The Things I Found
08. Lost In Dismay
09. Essence
10. Void
11. The Death Sedative

I have always found it a bit difficult to categorise the exact style of Extol. All those people that have heard the older albums of this band probably know what I'm talking about, they have elements of progressive, death, black or thrash metal all mixed together to make a unique sound that can best be described as "extol metal". But another great thing with this band, beside the fact that they have/had a pretty unique sound, is that they are not afraid of experimenting and they have been evolving since every album and have always offered their fans something new. The new album also follows this routine, but this time, it does not at all sound as exciting and interesting as the older albums.

The new album sounds different and has once again, something new to offer, and they should get credit for that, but on other hand, one would question if it's still as good as the older albums or not?

I say no. The new album is boring and has lost all the "excitement" that the band used to have in their previous albums. Musically, I would say that the new album sounds like a big fight between Metalcore and EMO with Mr. Progressive as the referee. It's hard to make comparisons with other bands/album, but while I listen through the album, the bands that cross my mind are: Winnebago Deal, Sparta, Boysetsfire, Oleander, Hopesfall, Everytime I die and Charger. Although none of these band comparisons can exactly tell you how this album sounds, but at least you get an idea.

In the end, although the music is well produced and I'm more than sure that they have really worked hard on this release and they have put lots of thought into it, but the result remains a bit too boring after a couple of spins. So if you have never heard of this band before, then please start by listening to their older albums, and if you are already a fan of extol, then there is a chance you might like/love this one too, but there is also a great chance that you will be quite disappointed, like me.

Highlight of the album: In Reversal

Written by Azhidahak | 14.02.2005



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02.12.2006 - 15:02
Lost To Apathy
Actually a band that I respect, but can't listen to. They don't compromise their style for anyone or anything, they have their own sound, but they always sound boring.
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14.04.2008 - 16:30
Aei Ontos
Account deleted
I really liked synergy, this one pretty sucks IMO

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