Pig Destroyer - 38 Counts Of Battery review


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Band: Pig Destroyer
Album: 38 Counts Of Battery
Release date: 2000

01. Deflower
02. Tentacle
03. Yellow Line Transfer
04. Under The Fingernails
05. Elfin
06. Unwitting Valentine
07. Oven [Melvins cover]
08. Three Second Apocalypse
09. Treblinka
10. Fingers In The Throat
11. My Fellow Vermin
12. Endgame
13. One Funeral Too Many
14. Higher Forms Of Pornography
15. Honeymoon
16. Alcatraz Metaphors
17. Flesh Upon Gear
18. Pixie
19. Genital Grinder [Carcass cover]
20. Regurgitation Of Giblets [Carcass cover]
21. Burning Of Sodom [Dark Angel cover]
22. Delusional Supremacy)
23. Alcatraz Metaphors
24. Treblinka
25. Seven And Thirteen
26. Scouring The Wreckage
27. Torquemada
28. Frailty In Numbers
29. Suicide Through Decay
30. Dark Satellites
31. Seven And Thirteen
32. Flag Burner
33. Delusional Supremacy
34. Martyr To The Plague
35. Ruination
36. Synthetic Utopia
37. Monolith
38. Frailty In Numbers

This album was before they made incredible grindcore music, before they could create albums such as the masterpiece "Prowler In The Yard" and the great "Terrifyer ", 38 Counts Of Battery is a compilation CD, an album filled with angry vocalizations, brutal and fast guitar riffs, and one of the most violent drums ever, not even the mortician drum kit could make the drums sound as fast as in some songs in this album. I will review this one in separate ways, and finally in a general way, why? Because this album more than a compilation of songs is a compilation of different albums, so let's begin…

Explosions In Ward 6: a violent album, resembles a little bit the sound from prowler in the yard, just more raw and brutal, of course there is no concept as in "Prowler…" or "Terrifyer" so the songs are individual pieces, songs like "Higher Forms Of Pornography" (with an intro taken from the movie "Salo") show the band's hunger for new music shades, songs like "Flesh Upon Gear" demonstrate how this band can be extremely brutal and catchy. And songs like "Pixie" are truly a evidence of the band's skills and awesome technique, the band's pleasure for exploring new waves of extreme metal, the best song in this segment.

A truly experimental album surely not for the weak ones, (the Melvins cover is great by the way), this album is by far the most extreme album I've heard, fast, brutal, violent, and with no bass player? well we've talked about this a lot of times.

Split With Isis: have you heard better covers? I don't think so man, not as great as the original one of course but incredibly well executed, those covers are amazing, one of the best things in the entire 38 counts of Battery.

Thrash Covers comp.: Dark Angel-Burning in Sodom; this song might be the weakest song in the album, good cover but it has nothing to do with pig destroyer's style. The end.

Split with Orchid: the opening song is chilling, that voice will haunt me forever in my dreams, "Treblinka" is by far the best song in this segment along with "Delusional Supremacy" here we can hear an even more raw Pig Destroyer, some would say this part is only noise, but no my friend, this songs are very brutal, and filled with anger, a lot of anger.

Demo: "Dark Satellites" is the best song I've heard from this band, this demo is not as Violent as the split with Orchid, but man this songs will surely blow your mind of, "Flag Burner" is another incredible song, those riffs are catchy but at the same time the brutality punches you in the face, I love this part of "38 counts…" the best of the best.

38 Counts Of Battery: the album is awesome, a taste of Pig Destroyer's launching, this are the songs that pushed this band into making evolutional and experimental music, that music that now is legendary. So this is the way it all started, a huge painful and violent shot in your ears.

Written by Herzebeth | 16.03.2005


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