Morgana Lefay - Maleficium review


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Band: Morgana Lefay
Album: Maleficium
Release date: November 1996

01. The Chamber Of Confession
02. The Source Of Pain
03. Victim Of The Inquisition
04. Madness
05. A Final Farwell
06. Maleficium
07. It
08. Master Of The Masquerade
09. Witches Garden
10. Dragons Lair
11. The Devil In Me
12. Where Fallen Angels Rule
13. Creatures Of The Hierarchy
14. Nemesis

Time for an oldie here, this 1996 record is a real jewel in my collection, while is not the most remarkable record in Metal history, it contains some unforgettable passages and some elements ahead of it's time.

Some history first, first of all, Morgana Lefay is ancient history these days, after this record vocalist Charles Rytkonen and guitarist Tony Eriksson separated from the band and formed Lefay, they shortened the name in order to get out of their record contract or something like that, anyway, the other 3 members recorded one more album, the 1999 self-titled album that was anything but Morgana Lefay, the album was, according to my sources, a strange hybrid of alternative/glam Metal, the spirit and style on Morgana Lefay now rests with Lefay.

Anyway, the last "real" album of Morgana Lefay proved to be a worthy farewell gift for all the loyal fans out there, the concept album, which tells the story of a magistrate tortured and killed by the Inquisition, and his subsequent postmortem revenge, is full of Power , Trash and even Gothic Metal elements.

Is kinda hard classify this one, because this is not your typical double-bass-high-pitched-vocals Power Metal, is more "trashy" and mid-tempo, and it got some great parts and choir lines like in the opener "The Source Of Pain" or some great riffing like in "Master Of The Masquerade". One of the highlights is the excellent voice of Charles Rytkönen, his vocal delivery is aggressive and vary deep, reminded me of some 80's heavy metal acts.

Of course, as almost anything in life, this is not perfect, some songs feel like fillers, and the lengthiness of the album tends to bore the listener sometimes, but whenever that happens I quickly go to track 6, the title and best song of the album "Maleficium" , this song is full of groovy riffs, excellent vocals and a very catchy chorus that features a very creepy choir that really gives that "extra" spice this song need, one thing is true, Morgana Lefay with more of this choirs would have been great, but I think we'll never know that.
This is a great album without a doubt, ahead of it's time, because if it's very common to use choirs nowadays, back in 1996 wasn't.

Recommended to all fans of a more crunchy Power Metal with great vocals and some cool choirs, one of Metal's most tragic lost, for all of you who want to hear something reminiscent of Morgana Lefay, just turn to Lefay.

Written by Undercraft | 20.03.2005


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