Rakoth - Planeshift review


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Band: Rakoth
Album: Planeshift
Release date: November 1999

01. Planeshift
02. Fear (Wasn't In The Design)
03. Noldor Exodus
04. The Dark Heart Of Uukrul
05. Og'elend
06. Planeshift
07. Gorthaur Aulendil
08. Mountain God
09. The Unquiet Grave
10. Outro

It's always hard to be objective when you write a review. And it's even harder when you write a review of your favourite band's album and the one that got you acquainted with that band. But I'll try nevertheless and we'll see what happens.

Planeshift is a second album of the not-too-well-known Russian band Rakoth and it's the album that got them some good reviews and attention of the connoisseurs of unorthodox metal a decade ago (how fast time flies!). Musically its roots lay in the black metal soil but the tree that grows from there is quite splendid. With mostly fantasy-inspired lyrics it's a given that there are some beautiful medieval melodies present which are delivered by Rustam's airy keyboards and P. Noir's affecting flute. Some of the songs on this album also carry more doomish feeling (such as "Og'elend" or, more evidently, "The Unquiet Grave") while the title track portrays the state of absolute mind liberation with relentless riffs and omnipresent keyboards.

P. Noir's unusual vocal manner may sound a bit weird at first but after a few spins you may find it a pleasurable one. I especially like his voice on "Gorthaur Aulendil" which gives this otherwise pretty straightforward song a sophisticated feeling. Rustam's screams don't sound like anything out of the ordinary but they don't spoil an impression from the album. Dy's guitar work also sounds pretty solid and, though the production is not top-notch, a little "dirt" isn't a bad ingredient for this kind of music. Well, there are no guitar solos but I don't think it's an integral part of any metal album. The only downside of this album is the usage of computer drums, which is evident, but you can also grow accustomed to it in time.

I would recommend this album to those thirsty for some unorthodox and daring metal, to those who seek the originality in music and wouldn't mind all the little "buts" I mentioned in my review. Maybe this album shall become a little gem in your collection as it become in mine...

Rating breakdown
Performance: 9
Songwriting: 9
Originality: 9
Production: 8

Written by NocturnalStalker | 11.02.2011


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