Exes For Eyes - The Amsler Grid review


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Band: Exes For Eyes
Album: The Amsler Grid
Release date: April 2011

01. Feel Again
02. A Life So Unfulfilling
03. Exes For Eyes
04. Romanticize The Struggle
05. Stop Thinking, Start Feeling
06. Embrace The Fire
07. Chains
08. Dig for Higher Ground
09. A Horrible Mistake

You can't always judge a band by it's name. Occasionally you can, though, and occasionally (in fact, surprisingly more time than not), you'll wind up with a fairly accurate prediction. Exes For Eyes? Kinda crappy name. Music? Not "crappy" per se, but still not all that impressive. "Bro-core" is a definition that comes to mind while listening to this. Despite the fact that it doesn't seem like their main prerogative, Exes For Eyes just comes across as another chest-beating, tough-guy shout-fest.

Fortunately, part of the reason it doesn't stand out all that much is that it's not atrocious. Hardcore like this generally pushes the lyrical themes down your throat whether you give a shit or not, and Exes For Eyes luckily puts some thought into what they write. Had this been another bone-headed creation in league with Winds Of Plague, you would be reading a far more negative review. Hell, you probably wouldn't even be reading a review, as I wouldn't have given this band the time of day.

Once again, this is another group that probably has (or will find) a strong following based on their consistently pounding riffs. They are of the mid-paced earth shaking variety, so yeah, they write some damn heavy down-tuned music, I'll give them that. However, the whole thing seems to lack substance. Once you get over the crushing bottom-end that is The Amsler Grid, there really isn't much left - making this another one-shot listen.

They clearly have their vision, they seem to know what they're doing. All the power to them. Making themselves a little less one-dimensional wouldn't do them any harm, though.


Written on 25.05.2011 by Former EIC. Now just a reviewer guy.


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26.05.2011 - 00:04
Account deleted
I like the cover, so I guess I'll check them out, although it looks like it might be a tad dull for my tastes, judging from your description of the music at hand.
And yes; it is indeed a crappy band name.
26.05.2011 - 04:27
But really check out the vocalists other band Endast. Its Heavy and Epic as hell.
26.05.2011 - 04:49
Edmund Fogg
The way I see it, some bands are just not meant to give the listener a lasting impression. It is why buying songs alone on things like Itunes and such is popular. Seems like it's the case for these guys. After a couple of visit on youtube I'm pretty sure I'll forget about them
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