Soilwork - Stabbing The Drama review


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Band: Soilwork
Album: Stabbing The Drama
Release date: February 2005

01. Stabbing The Drama
02. One With The Flies
03. Weapon Of Vanity
04. The Crestfallen
05. Nerve
06. Stalemate
07. Distance
08. Observation Slave
09. Fate In Motion
10. Blind Eye Halo
11. If Possible
12. Wherever Thorns May Grow [American and European limited Digipak edition and Japanese bonus]
13. Killed By Ignition [Japanese and Korean bonus]

Soilwork - Stabbing The Drama

When I first started listening to Metal beyond the alternative sections with which I started, Melodic Death was probably the style that most easily got my attention. Soilwork was among the causes, at that time they had just released "Natural Born Chaos" and I listened to it constantly. Looking back to what they had done before that was a clear step ahead to a more produced and less heavy sound that actually made Soilwork stand out between many other acts playing the same, they created a sound of their own. In the following work, "Figure Number Five," they continued their evolution, towards a more accessible and alternative formula, but that was never an obstacle for me and I still rate it high.

I think this is essential information, so you can understand how I always liked Soilwork, even when some had already scratched this band from their lists of ones to look out for. Until recently I didn't mind the path they were heading for. "Stabbing The Drama" however, is too much. It's like they have recycled every song from the previous album, added more clean vocals and keyboards, slowed down the guitars more and practically eliminated the solos, to come up with a repetitive and unoriginal Nu Metal work with growls and melody. Even the riffs, definitely what they always did better since the beginning, are very mediocre and without the normal pleasant aggressiveness. There isn't the same harmony between the different parts of the songs, because all the references they have created appear fragmented, as if Soilwork don't know what they want to be anymore.

I suppose some people won't contain themselves and compare this to the recent "Soundtrack To Your Escape", which is wrong, they are different. While In Flames went experimental an successfully fussed their "Clayman"/"Reroute To Remain" sound with industrial arrangements in a very solid and diverse album with many surprising moments, Soilwork aren't trying to innovate, they are just covering what's already over explored and completely ruin everything they tried to reach until "Natural Born Chaos".

Soilwork is full of talent and it's really disappointing to hear such banal stuff from them. "Figure Number Five" was dangerously close to the boarders of a deep abyss between different styles and that made it interesting. With "Stabbing The Drama," Soilwork fell into confusion. Needless to say that if you haven't liked them until now, this won't change your mind, so don't even bother. If you are a fan, then I recommend you not to have very high expectations. If Nu Metal is your thing you can give this one a try, but I bet you've heard a lot better as well.

Check out: the first two tracks and in eight minutes you've heard the entire album.

Written by Passenger | 22.05.2005


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04.11.2006 - 20:09
Rosetta Stoned
Good review, although I don't agree.
Blind Eye Halo is the best song IMO, extremely catchy!
22.04.2008 - 11:07
Liver Failure
well.. if someone expects a killer melo-death will be disappointed. This is very close to nu-metal. Not that i care, i actually found this album very good, soilwork looks nice in this style too. Best song: The Crestfallen
Predator's Portrait is still their best work.

member of the true crusade against old school heavy metal, early 80s thrash, NWOBHM, traditional doom, first and second wave black metal, old school death metal, US power metal, 70s prog rock and atmospheric doomsludgestoner. o/
06.09.2009 - 21:10
Agree, I got many of the same thoughts when writing my own review about this album

Hopefully be posted soon, so check it out if ya wanna
07.01.2010 - 05:04
Maybe it's just me, but I got into Soilwork via their more modern sound, and after hearing all the other band's work in the past, I still like what they're doing here. It's catchy and melodic in all the right ways. They also bring in enough of the aggression and energy that they've had before to keep it all varied and interesting. This isn't some kind of masterpiece but I enjoy it all the same. A good album.
25.10.2010 - 09:43
Divine Heresy
4.5 on Stabbing the drama? Really? That's like rating any Korn or Slipknot album anything above a 8, you don't do it because most of their music is crap. You do not know Soilwork like you think you do I can just tell by your review. Stabbing The Drama is their best work even up to The Panic Broadcast. Every song on this record is done beautifully, Speed is a great singer and they've kept their sound and have improved upon it.. Their sound has definitely grown since stabbing the drama and in general since they have started.
22.10.2016 - 21:45
Great review, I would have rated it slightly higher than a 4.5 though, but agree for me this isn't an album I spend a lot of time listening to, there are a few good songs like the title track and Nerve but I would rather listen to Natural Born Chaos, Figure Number Five or The Panic Broadcast which have many more great moments!

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