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Toxic Holocaust - Conjure And Command
19 July 2011

01. Judgment Awaits You
02. Agony Of The Damned
03. Bitch
04. Red Winter
05. Nowhere To Run
06. I Am Disease
07. In The Depths (Of Your Mind)
08. The Liars Are Burning
09. Revelations
10. Sound The Charge
11. Helga Lost Her Head [Repulsion cover]

Joel Grind, lay off the crack. Actually, do more. I don't know, does crack inspire you to make music like this? Well, whatever he's been dosing himself with, I say he needs to continue doing it. This is pretty vicious. Pretty really vicious.

This album is like a mix of Toxic Holocaust, with Toxic Holocaust, meets Toxic Holocaust. If Joel Grind and Joel Grind created a love-child, I'm pretty sure that child would grow up to make music like this. It's the teeth-shattering thrash monster known as Toxic Holocaust that we're all used to, but every aspect is just cranked in all directions from what we've seen in the past; it's bouncier, faster, slower, heavier, louder, thicker, angrier, funner, darker, catchier, brutal-erish. If music could grow a hard-on, this would be Toxic Holocaust at it's vein-iest.

Naturally, comparisons have to be drawn between Conjure And Command and the last release An Overdose Of Death.... Now, Overdose was just flat-out kick ass, so is Conjure better? No. But is it worse? Nope. It's just different. In the quest to create an all-around meatier sound, that nifty punk rock charm found in the previous albums is gone, but in exchange we get a more rabid, pure metal version of the bands former self. It's a sideways evolution; a step in a new direction, no better, no worse. Hell, if Toxic Holocaust can maintain the quality heard here and in Overdose, while pushing themselves in new directions, they've got a satisfying discography ahead of them.

Band profile: Toxic Holocaust
Album: Conjure And Command


Written on 19.07.2011 by
Doc Godin
Former EIC. Now just a reviewer guy.
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wormdrink414 - 19.07.2011 at 00:44  
I really hope they advertise the "this would be Toxic Holocaust at it's vein-iest" line on their website.
JCJen7 - 19.07.2011 at 06:35  
Been waiting so long for this release!!
Death To Posers - 19.07.2011 at 23:47  
Listening to the first song right now, sounds promising.
Death To Posers - 20.07.2011 at 00:29  
And it was, Sick.. Sick I say.
AngelCorpse13 - 21.07.2011 at 04:42  
This band has yet to disappoint, only heard a few tracks off this one but very pleased so far. It's great how he show's how awesome the old school can be to all the little new wave kids.
Mattybu - 21.07.2011 at 18:54  
Picked this album up a couple days ago, after giving it some playage, I'd say the best thing about it that got overlooked in the review was that it's not too long. It seems to work really well as a quick burst of music, and some songs on this album are really good. Were it littered with 7-8 minute songs and the length overdrawn, I don't think I would've enjoyed it nearly as much.
wormdrink414 - 22.07.2011 at 03:28  
So I've probably listened to this 10 times now. Toxic is definitely Portland's second best metal export, right behind me.
strade - 23.07.2011 at 04:31  
Being and Time - 23.07.2011 at 05:45  
I haven't heard Overdose, but there IS a really prominent punk vibe to this record on some of the tracks. I consider this a band to further investigate. Great review-- caught my attention and described the sound fairly accurately.
LeChron James - 23.07.2011 at 08:37  
Crack makes you do amazing things. See Rick James.

Kwis - 23.07.2011 at 20:43  
This is super awesome
Aetherius - 17.08.2011 at 10:06  
I wanna check this out, and soon! lol
Aetherius - 19.09.2011 at 05:50  
Got it, and love it!
Winterthrone - 22.09.2011 at 04:24  
Awesome album, thrash all the way!
Void Eater - 22.09.2011 at 06:27  
I was dissapointed at first with this, but I've warmed up to it. It has more variety on it than previous albums, and while it lacks standouts like Wild Dogs and Nuke The Cross, it never starts sounding samey, unlike their previous albums.
Moosh666 - 09.06.2012 at 13:05  
Sounds a lot like Venom, and it's filled too many slow-paced tracks, I like the speed...
Moosh666 - 09.06.2012 at 13:07  
..Heck, even at some moments like at the beginning of 'I Am Disease' I thought I was listening to Evile O_O
Moosh666 - 19.06.2012 at 15:20  
....Yep, no matter how much I try to warm up to this album I don't like it, reminds me too much of crappy recent Venom albums..
RAVASTATOR - 06.12.2012 at 18:33  
........ BITCH!

(is my favourite track off this tasty cut)

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