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Band: Scream Baby Scream
Album: Campfire Tales
Release date: 2011

01. Dawn Of Necrosis
02. Porcelain Doll
03. No Brain
04. Fake Blood
05. Shadow Man
06. Make Your Choice
07. Hangman Song
08. Undead Heroes
09. Ghost Of You
10. You & Me
11. Blood Red Witch
12. Scream Baby Scream
13. Zombie Girl [Aqua cover]
14. Necromance [Lady Gaga cover]

Scream Baby Scream is an Italian act coming your way with a mixture of elements that in first sight wouldn't fit together. On the contrary though, they tend to present a record with welcome amounts of heaviness, references from the hard rock/glam scene, a punk rock attitude and electronic injections with EBM-flirting synthesizers. One good example from where they draw this kind of sound-blending would be their co-countrymen Dope Stars Inc.; and guess who's smiling in secrecy at the corner, well, yes, Marilyn Manson. One could hear some Murderdolls seeds in here. Hell, I could even mention as a reference a quite heavy new age death rock act, Tragic Black. There's a difference though, Scream Baby Scream have a more hard rocking edge.

Campfire Tales will keep you company for a bit less than an hour, something I consider a bit too much for this kind of music, I'd prefer it somewhere around 40-45 minutes that would keep the interest of the listener at high levels. Not that in this case there's such a big problem, it's just that it may tire a bit at times. Riffs with a hard rocking attitude and a punk rock energy are all over the place, with some few but to the point soloing ideas. The rhythm section is just in the right place, the vocals have an aggressive boiling edge, but definitely fit to the music with their sing-along aura and the keyboards have a more electronic vibe or a more atmosphere-evoking role. Of course it's not that intense through the whole duration, most of the time yes, but it has its more melodic moments like "Blood Red Witch" and "Ghost Of You" in which you can find some female vocals as well. The big highlight though comes at the very end of the album with the interesting and funny covers on Aqua's "Barbie Girl" and Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance", "Zombie Girl" and "Necromance" respectively. Every metal head that possesses the gift of humor will enjoy them, after all they're just for fun.

The thing is, as you may have noticed, we're talking about some kind of catchy and easy listening music. If you' re searching for something that will give you food for thought and will make you sit down and set philosophical questions to yourself, well, no, this band ain't for you. Scream Baby Scream's debut work, Campfire Tales, is all about having fun with your open-minded sleazy weirdo buddies and/or fashion goth friends with dozens of beers. There's a problem though, well, don't misinterpret me, it's not about music, it's just the fact that Scream Baby Scream have the "misfortune" to be Italians and to get to my point, had they been Americans everybody would have known their name with the necessary schedule from a label that seeks newcomers that have potential to bring money in exchange for fame and a place in their roster.

Scream Baby Scream are good at what they're doing, their debut work has proven they got potential, if they work on less lengthy compositions and a stronger production, with inspiration and a wider fan base of course, they may become more well-known in the future. Come on zombie let's go party, ah ah ah yeah, this is a necromance!

Rating breakdown
Performance: 8
Songwriting: 7
Originality: 7
Production: 8


Written on 23.08.2011 by "It is myself I have never met, whose face is pasted on the underside of my mind."


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23.08.2011 - 20:53
Ag Fox
Angel No More
Sounds kind of interesting actually. Will check them out at some point
loves 小巫
25.08.2011 - 00:19
Fat & Sassy!
Review pretty much describes them perfectly. They remind me of Bullet For My Valentine (but a bit less aggressive and a bit more goofy), and yeah... I could see them getting popular if they had the right promoters. Anyhoo, I personally found the songs I listened to off this lame and what you consider the highlights of the album even more lame and very boring. I mean, I laughed at a couple parts of the covers, but they really lack a punch. Lacks the oomph of being silly even though they are trying. Instead of going, "lulz, alright!", I went, *pats on back* "B- for effort, but you should really try harder, son".
You do you, brozzio.
25.08.2011 - 04:28
Pagan Angel
Sounds stupid and not worth my time. Thanks for telling me so I never have to listen to this.
25.08.2011 - 05:41
No Longer Human
Nice review. You managed to thoroughly describe everything by brilliantly connecting the scattered ideas with vivid descriptions and funny, yet spot-on examples.
25.08.2011 - 08:22
Laughed my ass of to the covers, but the rest of the album is just boring as hell tbh. Good review thou
25.08.2011 - 13:19
Merchant of Doom
Listened to a couple of samples on MyWasteOfSpace... and they are a waste of space too...

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