Overkill - Ironbound review


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Band: Overkill
Album: Ironbound
Release date: January 2010

01. The Green And Black
02. Ironbound
03. Bring Me The Night
04. The Goal Is Your Soul
05. Give A Little
06. Endless War
07. The Head And Heart
08. In Vain
09. Killing For A Living
10. The SRC

2010 was a magical year to Overkill as they launched one of the greatest albums of their legendary career. After years of underground industrial metal albums of variable quality, the band set a standard for what thrash metal should be nowadays.

Ironbound is an amazing piece of heavy, thrash metal, bringing something new to the industry at the time where there aren't very many good albums released, even by great bands of this style. With this sick album the band brought up the best of themselves with amazing performances by every single one of the musicians. Bobby "Blitz" Ellsworth gives a top class performance shifting from high pitched singing to a lower range with a great and unique voice. Even though I personally never considered him a particularly outstanding singer, I have to admit that with the performance on this album he deserves to be among the best thrash metal vocalists of the past 20 years. Both guitar players perform insane riffs and solos and both D.D. Verni and Ron Lipnicki give the album the consistency, power and intensity needed to light up Overkill's career and give them a place among the names on the metal walk of fame.

This release resembles a mix of Feel The Fire, Taking Over and Under The Influence with speed, power, heaviness and raw crushing riffs and drum parts. It's by far the best work since Horrorscope. Every song is a potential contender for live shows, because of the fury they contain that can perfectly be released in moshpits.

"Ironbound", "In Vain", "Bring Me The Night" and "The Green and Black" are the best songs of this album which represent all the already mentioned qualities. Passionate songs such as "The Goal Is Your Soul", "Killing For a Living" and "The SRC" ensure this album is an excellent masterpiece.

Finally Overkill have returned with a masterpiece reminding their true fans that they exist, prevail and are here to stay. Hope this album highlights their reputation as the one of the pioneers of thrash metal among the Big 4. It offers us a taste of The Years Of Decay, Under The Influence, Taking Over and Feel The Fire, a little bit of all those amazing releases. All in all, this album is indeed a true masterpiece and deserves to be a collector's item.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 10
Songwriting: 8
Originality: 8
Production: 10

Written by AndMetalForAll | 02.11.2011


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Staff review by
Baz Anderson
The driving force behind keeping a band going for thirty years is commendable, let alone when Ironbound is both album fifteen and arguably the most solid album the band has put to their name.

That's right, Overkill make their return with a whole new sense of conviction and power. Ironbound oozes with a thrash pedigree and confidently outclasses much of the genre's other contributors, both new and old. You can not take Overkill for granted with this release, as the band finally appear to have a burning fire underneath them with the result being an album to genuinely get excited about.

published 28.01.2010 | Comments (31)

Guest review by
The Massenger
I've always wanted to travel to the eighties and touch the peak of thrash metal, when giants in the underground world like Overkill of New Jersey shied away from the camera and only thought about producing true thrash. Although Overkill always tried to reconstruct that world for people like me, bands like them suffer from people criminally under-rating skilled thrash bands. The only thing I can say is that, after the release of each album, everyone's jaw always dropped in admiration for them.

published 04.08.2016 | Comments (11)

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