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Favorite bands: A Forest Of Stars, After Forever, Agalloch, Ahab, Alcest, Alice In Chains, Amon Amarth, Amorphis, Anathema, Angra, Animals As Leaders, Atheist, Baroness, Bathory, Be'lakor, Bell Witch, Black Sabbath, Blind Guardian, Blood Ceremony, Blut Aus Nord, Bolt Thrower, Candlemass, Celeste, Chelsea Wolfe, Cradle Of Filth, Cryptopsy, Dark Tranquillity, Death, Deathspell Omega, Demilich, Devin Townsend, Dissection, Draconian, Dragonland, Dream Theater, Elder, Electric Wizard, Emperor, Empyrium, Ensiferum, Enslaved, Entombed, Epica, Eternal Tears Of Sorrow, Evoken, Falconer, Falkenbach, Ghost, Gojira, Haggard, High On Fire, Iced Earth, Immortal, In Flames, Incantation, Insomnium, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Kamelot, Katatonia, Khemmis, King Diamond, Kylesa, Led Zeppelin, Manilla Road, Mastodon, Megadeth, Mercyful Fate, Metallica, Mgła, Moonsorrow, Moonspell, Morbid Angel, My Dying Bride, Neurosis, Nightwish, Nile, Novembers Doom, October Tide, Opera IX, Opeth, Pallbearer, Paradise Lost, Pentagram, Porcupine Tree, Primordial, Queens Of The Stone Age, Rotting Christ, Running Wild, Rush, Saturnus, Satyricon, Septicflesh, Sepultura, Sigh, Skepticism, Skyclad, Sleep, Soundgarden, Steven Wilson, SubRosa, Summoning, Swallow The Sun, Sylvaine, Symphony X, The 3rd And The Mortal, The Gathering, The Ruins Of Beverast, The Vision Bleak, The Sword, Theatre Of Tragedy, Therion, Thy Catafalque, Tiamat, Trees Of Eternity, Tribulation, Tristania, Type O Negative, Ulver, Van Halen, Windir, Witch Mountain, Witchcraft, Wolves In The Throne Room

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