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Favorite bands: Sodom, Testament, Kreator, Bathory, Dissection, Death, Bathory, Kauan, I, Motörhead, Coldworld, Necros Christos, Blasphemy, Austere, Venom, Von, Devildriver, W.A.S.P, Lifelover, Chakal, Basilisk, Elend, Throneum, Profanatica, Pink Floyd, Beherit
Favorite album: Symbolic
Favorite song: Suicide Terrorist
Favorite movies: The Clockwork Orange. Taxi Driver. Rain Man. Kafka. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Seven. Persona. Goya's Ghost. Saw series. The Godfather trilogy
Favorite books: The Trial. The Metamorphosis. and Kakfka's. Blind Owl. and Hedayat's. L'etranger. and Camus'. Falling up. and Shel Silverstein's. Shamloo. Chekov. Virginia Woolf...
Personal text: I'm a badass metal fan... Don't forget Classical Music.


  2011 Burzum - Fallen
  2011 Burzum - Fallen
  2011 Burzum - Fallen
  2007 Wolves In The Throne Room - Two Hunters
  2008 Thyrfing - Hels Vite
  2007 Tenebrae in Perpetuum - From the Ancient Dolomitic Forests
  2008 Taake - BERC
  2007 Skitliv - Kristiansen And Kvarforth Swim In the Sea Of Equalibrium While Waiting...
  2009 Skagos - Ást
  2010 Set Sail to Mystery - The Vision Bleak
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